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Easy MASW is a new software for the interpretation and archiving of seismic data using the MASW method (Multi-Channel Analysis of Surface Waves). It is a very easy-to-use application that, with simple steps, performs the analysis of the shear waves velocities Vs.


Software for the interpretation and archiving of seismic data using the MASW method (Multi-Channel Analysis of Surface Waves).

The software allows the inversion using more modes. During the spectral processing phase the user can view the dispersion of a customizable synthetic model and the results are plotted directly on the velocity-frequency spectrum.
The generation of the velocity-frequency spectrum has been improved to allow a more effective identification of modes. The user can select the points on which the inversion is performed directly on the velocity-frequency spectrum and assign to each point the mode to which it refers.

Importing Input Data
Data can be imported from files in SEG2, SEGY and SU standard format as well as from text files. After importing data, the design of the geometrical arrangement of springs and receivers will be processed. The design is a complete report which shows the altitude of the geophones positions and the depth scales. In addition to the geometric position are displayed field seismograms. At this stage the user can make operations on the signals deciding to exclude part of seismograms, move or add virtual arrays.

Signal analysis
The analysis of Rayleigh waves using MASW technique is performed with the spectral investigation of the signal, performing a double Fourier transform in the time and space domain. The transformed domain (f-k) is represented in both 2D and 3D and allows highlighting the signal produced by Rayleigh waves from other types of signals.
In the transformed domain, in fact, is well detectable the dependence of wave velocity on the frequency and the dispersion curve is easily traceable considering, for each frequency, the maximum amplitude of the spectrum. The experimental dispersion curve is extracted automatically by the program and the user can choose to approximate it to a polynomial function that can be adjusted by excluding the insignificant points.

Theoretical inversion curve
After assigning an initial geotechnical model characterized by some values as the number and thickness of the layers, weight per unit volume, Poisson’s ratio, etc., it is obtained the theoretical inversion curve and is compared with the experimental one. The process of variability of the parameters continues until is obtained the best superposition of the theoretical curve with the experimental inversion curve, in the range established during the picking phase. The process of matching was conducted with advanced statistical numerical methods. A series of additional features allow to have the direct control of the delicate inversion process: it is possible to determine the range of variability of the speed for each layer, impose known speed on the single layer, assign special conditions such as speed increasing with depth, etc.

Displaying Modes
For each processing it is possible to view, in addition to the fundamental mode, which is based on the process of curves matching, even the higher modes.

Geotechnical parameters
Easy Masw allows to determine in addition to the speed profile, the VS30, the soil class and some geotechnical parameters such as : Young’s Modulus, Shear Modulus, Edometric Modulus, Compressibility Modulus, tip resistance of the static penetrometer, Nspt correlation with dynamic penetrometer.

It is offered a detailed output report including numerical computation and graphics. The graphics can be exported in common formats such as .DXF, .BMP, .JPG.

Exchanging data between GEOSTRU applications
The seismic test can be exported to other GeoStru software such as Slope, Loadcap, Mp and Stratigrapher for the preparation of the stratigraphy.




New release 2022



Release new version 2021



Bug Fix



Release new version 2019



Bug fix in soil category
New version 2018, general improvements to new regulations and new methods for soil classification



Migrate location services from SOAP to REST
New version 2017. General improvements and bug fixes



Fix bugs in polynomial regression.

  • Improvements regarding the assignation of custom graphic properties.
  • Implmented Bing Maps for locations.
  • Improvements regarding the management of colors options that are now kept for all projects.
  • Implemented the possibility to reverse the polarity of single traces.
  • Improved customization of color set for the spectra with saving the settings in the file.
  • Implemented the possibility to estimate the layer density from the value of Vp.
  • Implemented the automatic sending of errors to GeoStru.
  • Implemented the possibility to import drm files.
  • Implemented the option to select the useful part of the traces inscribing them in a polyline.
  • Saving of the path of the last used texture.
  • Improvement in managing general data.
  • Export of the seismic stratigraphy in .edp file.
  • Implemented the possibility to contact the GeoStru staff directly from the software.
  • Implemented the import of SEG2 files that use 20bit numerical format.
  • Distribution issue solved.
  • Viewing and printing of the stratigraphy.
  • Introduction of the LITE version with the following limitations: - Maximum number of modes that can be used for processing: 1; - Synthetic Model: Disabled; - Print reports: Limited.
  • Software available in Spanish.
  • Available the English version.
  • New functions for the report editor.

3 reviews for Multi-Channel Analysis of Surface Waves – Easy MASW

  1. Mario Trujillo Calderon (verified owner)

    Es un excelente producto para la interpretación de ensayos de refracción sísmica, conozco bastantes software de este tipo, sin embargo este es el mejor por los resultados obtenidos y la presentación del informe, adicionalmente el soporte técnico de geostru es muy buenos, son muy rápidos en contestar las dudas y muy amables, sin duda alguna es una excelente adquisición

  2. Antonella Calice x Piano Terra (Federico VIA)

    sono ottimi prodotti tutti quanti ma si potrebbe fare l’aggiornamento tramite solo il codice rinnovato e non ogni volta disattivare, reinstallare tutto e attivare la licenza…. si dovrebbe snellire la procedura anche perché se uno ( come noi) aggiorniamo 16 applicazione ogni anno comincia a essere deprimente ogni volta iniziare da capo.
    grazie mille

  3. MAURO (verified owner)


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