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Loadcap is a software for the bearing capacity and settlements computation on rocks and loose soils, according to the methods of Terzaghi (1955), Meyerhof (1963), Hansen (1970), Vesic (1975), Brinch-Hansen (1970), Richards et al. (1993), Meyerhof and Hanna (1978).

In the software, it is possible to choose several types of settlements, such as Elastic (Timoshenko and Goodier, 1951), Oedometric, Schmertmann (1970-1978), Burland and Burbidge (1985), and post-seismic (Idriss and Boulanger, 2004-2008; Pradel, 1998; Yasuhara and Andersen, 1991). In addition to calculating settlements, Loadcap allows for determining the settlement progression over time through the theory of consolidation.

Moreover, Loadcap solves liquefaction cases using the method of Seed and Idriss (1971) and allows to carry out soil reinforced analysis with geogrids by computing the increased bearing capacity, deformation in the reinforcements, strain tensile force for geogrid effect.

Loadcap also calculates edometric and elastic differential settlements in 3D.



Bearing capacity and settlements – Loadcap: calculated at any point inside or outside the foundation.

Bearing capacity in seismic conditions: SHIKHIEV & JAKOVLEV, RICHARDS


Bearing capacity is a function of the foundation base, the bearing surface depth, and the acting loads.

An unlimited number of layers.

Display of pressure bulbs and failure wedges.

Supported computation standards:

    • Eurocode 7/8;
    • British Codes BS8004;
    • SR EN 1997-1/NB/2007;
    • Other standards…


    • Multi-level undo-redo;
    • Numeric input in tabular form;
    • Graphic input;
    • Automatic conversion of measurement units.


    • Strip footing; Spread footing; Mat foundation; Circular foundation; Foundation on the slope;
    • Bearing capacity, according to Terzaghi, Meyerhof, Hansen, Brinch-Hansen, Vesic, Zienkiewicz, Eurocode, Meyerhof and Hanna (1978);

Meyerhof and Hanna (1978)

Ultimate Bearing Capacity of Footings Resting on Stratified Deposits of Soil

    • Settlements: Elastic, Oedometric, Schmertmann, Burland & Burbidge with progress over time;
    • Permanent settlements after the earthquake: Idriss and Boulanger, Pradel, Yasuhara and Andersen;
    • Seismic corrections: SHIKHIEV & JAKOVLEV;
    • Presence of Gorund Water Table;
    • Analysis in terms of total and effective stresses;
    • Display of pressure bulb and failure wedge 2D, 3D;
    • Computation of the stress state induced by external loads at any point;
    • Analysis concerning total and effective tension;
    • Display of tensional state and pressure bulb;
    • Computation of stress state induced by external loads at any point;
    • Nspt correlation with geotechnical parameters according to Meyerhof, Sanglerat & Peck, Hanson and Thorburn;
    • Verification to translation;
    • Analysis of embedded plans;
    • Automatic reading of stratigraphic columns generated by Stratigrapher software;
    • Data exchange with Micropiles and Piles for foundations software;
    • Automatic computation of loads acting on the foundation;
    • Computation of tensions: Boussinesq, Westergaard;
    • Interactive graphic construction;
    • Multi-level undo-redo function;
    • Embankment analysis and settlement computation;
    • Differential settlements 3D.


    • Computation of the bearing capacity for multi-layered soils using weighted averages and punching verification;
    • Foundations on slopes;
    • Foundations with the inclined bearing surface;
    • Foundations subject to eccentric loads;
    • Generating the bearing capacity table as a function of depth and width, exportable in Excel or memory;
    • Construction of graphics allowable load-depth;
    • Construction of graphics allowable load-foundation width;
    • Load – settlement diagram;
    • Computation of subgrade reaction modulus using the model of Terzaghi and Bowles;
    • Water table, even above the bearing surface;
    • Display of pressure bulbs – Boussinesq or Westergaard;
    • Display of stress states in any point of the foundation soil;
    • Display of failure wedges;
    • Setup of influence area;
    • Computation of oedometric settlements at any point inside or outside the foundation.


You can request a trial version of this product. To accelerate learning the software, you can also request a live training session. Send an e-mail to




New release 2024



New release 2023



Integration with geodropbox. Extensions to all European regulations



Version 2022 released



New Release 2021.



New Release 2020



New release 2019



Fix error in calculation settlements Burland Burbidge
New standard design NTC 2018

Check limit load (SLU)

Subgrade reaction constant calculated according to K=E/L*(1-Poisson^2)

Major version Loadcap 2018 

• General improvements;

• Implemented analytical solutions for estimating the ultimate bearing capacity of geogrid reinforced soil foundations (RSF) for both sand and silty clay soils;

• Method Vesic 1975 Change depth and form factor;

• Opening files with drag&drop;

• Standards upgrade: NTC 2017, SR EN 1997-1/NB/2007;

• Calculating seismic parameters for areas in Central and Eastern Europe;

• Plugin management: Embankment (Embankment settlements ), Overturning (Foundation overturning Safety factor), Converting User Units;

• Update of System components.x.824: Fix Save as a function for the computation report and colour selection for the stratigraphy.



-Calculate post-seismic settlements with Idriss and Boulanger, Pradel, Yasuhara and Andersen

13 reviews for Bearing capacity and settlements – Loadcap

  1. catanzariti F.

    Great software

  2. Denis Moore (verified owner)

    Complete software for verification of bearing capacity and superficial foundation settlements.
    It is very useful the input of every layer geotechnical parameters
    Very useful the Input of the geotechnical parameters of each stratum provided dynamic and static GeoStru software, with processing executed through a specific export file.
    It allows verification of many geometries of foundations, insertion of reinforcements, checking pressure bulbs with influence on adjacent load pressure bulbs, and liquefaction checks.
    Calculation of edometric and elastic settlements using various methodologies, among the most used Terzaghi and monodimensional consolidation. Schmertmann, Burland, elasticity theory.
    The plug-in for checking the settlement of earth embankments is very useful.
    I think it’s a great professional program

  3. Godwin Campbell (verified owner)

    LoadCap represents a “milestone” in the geotechnical field for checking the bearing capacities and the settlement of superficial foundations.
    I personally use this software since 2000, I have seen it grow, implement, improve and, above all, promptly update to new regulations and requirements suggested by the different users.
    It is a truly professional and very intuitive program.

  4. filippo catanzariti

    Name: Pavlos Tyrologou
    Message: An excellent software with the recent specification under Eurocode 7 at a reasonable price.

  5. filippo catanzariti

    Yesterday I’ve purchased one Loadcap license for our office in New Zealand and I want to purchase a second license for our office in Australia. I’m responsible for both invoices. My address is: …… Group Ltd, 105 …., Newmarket, …., New Zealand.

    Can you please explain how I can purchase the 2nd license? The address for our second license is: …… Ltd, Kings Technology Park, Ground Floor, ….., Southbank, …..

  6. Reynaldo Cruz, Jr. (verified owner)

    I am unable to use the program to determine the settlement according to Pradel method. The User’s Manual does not provide sufficient detail for this.

    • filippo catanzariti (verified owner)

      Hi Reynaldo,

      Below an excerpt of the algorithm used by loadcap I hope it will be useful

      Select Case AutoreID
      Case 0 ‘0-Idriss Boulanger 2008: Satured soils f(N160, qc1n)
      If N160 > 0 Then
      a = -0.369 * System.Math.Sqrt(N160)
      B = Math.Min(0.08, gammamax)
      deformazione = 1.5 * System.Math.Exp(a) * B
      ElseIf Qcn > 21 Then
      a = 2.551 – 1.147 * (Qcn) ^ 0.264 ‘qc>21
      B = Math.Min(0.08, gammamax)
      deformazione = 1.5 * System.Math.Exp(a) * B
      Note = Lr(1099, “Occorre assegnare”) & “: ” & “NSPT o Qc”
      End If
      Case 1 ‘1-Pradel 1998: Unsatured Soils f(N160)
      If DatiE.Magnitudo > 4.1 Then
      Eps15 = gammamedia * (N160 / 20) ^ -1.2
      nc = (DatiE.Magnitudo – 4) ^ 2.17
      EpsNc = Eps15 * (nc / 15) ^ 0.45
      deformazione = 2 * EpsNc
      End If
      Case 2 ‘2-Yasuhara Andersen 1991: Soft cohesive soils cu <70Kpa, Vs <180 m / s, Ip> 30% f (void index)
      If epsv = 0 Then
      Note = Lr(1099, “Occorre assegnare”) & “: ” & Lr(989, “Indice vuoti”) & “Cr, OCR”
      End If
      deformazione = epsv
      End Select

  7. adalberto barrera castan (verified owner)

    ,la vercion 2018 es la mejor vercion de todas la verciones, quede maravillado con esa vercion, sin embargo la vercion 2020 requiere muchas reviciones no brinda el exelente servicio que da load cap 2018 , sugeriria hacer una revicion en la importacion de archivos dwg y los archivos de txt en la vercion 2020 ya que los iconos ya no estan y es menos intuitivo que en la vercion anterior poder acceder a esta parte , en general e cuanto a los alculos y a las memorias de las mismas ambos son exelentes en ese sentido

  8. Marco Cinotti (verified owner)

    Uso i software da molti anni e sono utilissimi e semplicismi da usare


    Las versiones mas antiguas, permitían poner el factor de seguridad, y en los resultados y gráficas se apreciaba muy bien las capacidades de carga ADMISIBLES.
    Lo que resultaba muy útil, sobre todo en cálculos simplificados por la teoría clásica. Esta modalidad ya no esta disponible en las ultimas versiones, donde te da solo la capacidad de carga ultima.

  10. Fabio Bussetti (verified owner)

    Un programma molto utile, intuitivo dalle grande potenzialità.
    Molto soddisfatto dell’acquisto.

  11. Vanni Zoz (verified owner)

    Lo uso spesso. Chiaro, intuitivo. Soddisfatto dell’acquisto

  12. Fabio Bussetti (verified owner)

    programma over the top…molto utile…

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