Welcome to the Geostru webinar services page. Here you will find all the information you need to register and follow the sessions of our live seminars.

The webinar is a neologism given by the fusion of the terms, in English, web and seminar ( seminar ), coined to identify educational or information sessions whose participation in remote form is possible through an internet connection. The online seminar is used to conduct meetings, training courses or presentations, in which each participant logs in from their own computer and is connected to the other participants via the Internet . Unlike webcasts , webinars are an interactive system where participants can interact with each other and with the seminar coordinator (auditor) through the tools available from video conferencing systems.

Online seminars can take place by downloading a program to each participant’s computer or by connecting to a web application via a link distributed by e-mail (meeting invitation). To access the webinar it is obviously necessary to have an Internet connection, a multimedia tool management program, and a speaker / headset. Seminars can be free or paid and a code or registration may be required to access them.

Technical requirements: a PC connected to the Internet (at least ADSL connection), possibility to use headphones and microphone. For assistance send a request to webinar@geostru.eu.

The duration varies, but at least 1 hour. It is broadcast live and you can interact interactively through the chat or vocally through the microphone.


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For info on webinars send an email to webinar@geostru.eu.