Desktop Software

Over 50 software of extremely high reliability and quality recognized worldwide: geotechnics, geology, geophysics, in situ tests, hydrology and hydraulics, energy, and topography.

GeoStru 365

Over 30 GEOSTRU software in cloud computing.
The applications can be used on your browser.

This is the best solution if you don’t want to buy the software.

No limitations compared to commercial software.
With cloud computing you can import, process, print and export.

With GEOSTRU 365, the customer does not have to install, configure, update programs.
Just log in with username and password.

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Over 70 web applications for solving particular cases such as engineering, geotechnics and geology, calculation and price lists, hydraulics and hydrology, and seismic parameterization.

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Management and Archiving of Technical Study Documents.

The user can archive the technical study documentation in the cloud, combining geographic information in electronic format.

The user accesses the cloud application with user and password and locates the work area on the map (directly on site with mobile devices).

When locating the construction site, various information will be requested, such as the client and the project code….

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App device

Mobile applications: georisk, geoapp mobile, egeo compass

Training course

Choose the accredited training (CFP), enrol in the next online courses and follow them from the comfort of your home or study.

Over the past year, we have organized hundreds of free courses.

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Consulting and planning

GEOSTRU provides, at the Customer’s request, a design consultancy service.

Today, managing consultancy and planning even remotely has become very easy through telecommunication.

Geostru company and its specialized team are the ideal partners at your side who will contribute to the growth of your professional activity.

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