CGT Engineering SRL – Joint Laboratory for Geotechnology Applied to the Environment of the University of Siena
represented by the President, Dr Filippo Bonciani, and the Technical Director, Prof. Eros Aiello, domiciled at the registered office via Vezzosi,15 – 52100 Arezzo.
SC Engsoft SRL (owner of the GEOSTRU brand)
The sole director, dot, represents her. Eng. Filippo Catanzariti, domiciled in via Sarmisegetusa, 19-21, Spaz. Com. 1 Cluj Napoca (RO).


– for years, CGT Engineering Srl has been carrying out studies, research and planning related to the geological, geomorphological, geotechnical, seismic, structural and environmental structure with the use of advanced software in these fields, as documented by various scientific publications and by the works produced;
-S.C. Engsoft SRL has developed advanced software systems and has a primary interest in encouraging the acquisition of applied geology, geomorphology, geotechnical and seismic knowledge and structural engineering insights aimed at identifying and defining the multiple types of risk, with the regulations existing and future national and international construction projects, also with the use of existing dedicated software, to be updated or expanded, or to be designed from scratch;
– the performance of the activity covered by this deed constitutes the interest of both parties for the functions performed by them and for the respective interests pursued, with the consequence of a profitable contribution from both, also for educational purposes;

Art. 1= Object of the Framework Agreement

CGT Engineering SRL and Engsoft SRL (owner of the GEOSTRU brand) undertake to jointly conduct research having the following object: “the acquisition of knowledge of applied geology, geomorphology, geotechnics and seismic and structural insights aimed at the identification and definition of the multiple types of risk, concerning existing and future national and international regulations for construction, also with the use of existing dedicated software, to be updated or expanded, or to be designed from scratch. During the development of the research, about its evolution, updates to the planning of details of the activities may be agreed upon between the scientific managers, always within the limits of the research programme. The research program will be conducted jointly by CGT Engineering SRL and Engsoft SRL personnel to pursue the respective common objectives.

Art. 2= Responsible

Research Scientific Managers for CGT Engineering Srl …..

Article 3= Products

At the end of the research, CGT Engineering SRL and Engsoft SRL, tacitly confirmable from year to year, will jointly develop free scientific publications…

Art. 4= Ownership of the results

The research results are jointly owned by CGT Engineering SRL and Engsoft SRL as regards scientific research purposes, which will be presented in national or international journals, conferences, seminars or the like, explicitly mentioning the agreement in which the research was carried out. Research work.
CGT Engineering SRL is also required to keep confidential the data, information, drawings and other property of Engsoft SRL, possibly made available to CGT Engineering Srl for this research.

Art. 5= Duration of the contract

The search will last…

Art. 6= Charges

During the full development of the research and in the context of collaborative participation, with a common purpose, in the same, the parties will each bear their expenses without burdening the other party. In the case of events such as conventions and congresses, an agreement will be stipulated on a case-by-case basis.

Art. 7= Staff mobility between contractors

Except in cases…