Embankment settlement

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Embankment settlement: The prediction of embankment settlement is a critically important issue for the serviceability of subgrade projects, especially the post-construction settlement. A number of methods have been proposed to predict embankment settlement; however, all of these methods are based on a parameter, i.e. the initial time point. The difference of the initial time point determined by different designers can definitely induce errors in prediction of embankment settlement. This paper proposed a concept named “potential settlement” and a simplified method based on the in situ data. The key parameter “b” in the proposed method was verified using theoretical method and field data. Finally, an example was used to demonstrate the advantages of the proposed method by comparing with other methods and the observation data.



Using this module can be calculated the settlement of embankments with the oedometric method. Pressure im posed on embankment: loads acting on the embankment (roads, etc.) Set excavation base level: depth of the foundation. Net increm ent to base plan will be automatically calculated by the program. Distance: Axis – IV point, free choice: the settlements are calculated in Axis, Center, Foot and a point chosen by the user, the IV point, for which is entered the ” D istance axis IV point”. As input data of the stratigraphy must be assigned: the oedometric modulus and the overconsolidation ratio.


2 reviews for Embankment settlement

  1. Pavlos tyrologou

    This is a nice plugin that gives you extra information on embankments and their differential settlements

  2. adalberto barrera castan (verified owner)

    exelente programa te permite hacer los calculos muy rapido

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