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Geostru is composed by a structured organization which, thanks to an internal subdivision by specific areas and sectors, allows it to provide professional and specialized consultancy solutions in the international design field. All services Contact Us
Software, Technology
and Experience
More than 50 Desktop Software for: Engineering, Geotechnics, Geology, Geomechanics, Hydrology and Hydraulics, Topography. Geostru 365: 30 applications in cloud computing; Geoapp software in cloud for the solution of every design case. Geodropbox storage of georeferenced technical documentation. About Us Contact Us
Not only software
Organization and productivity
Each software is independent and solves specific cases but all of them have data transition from one software to another with BIM standards for integrated design. The services can be used for free through our web servers by internet connection: seismic parameterization, location, calculation and accounting, archiving and sharing of documents. All services Contact Us
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