SmartPhone and Tablet Software

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New applications for mobile devices, Tablets and SmartPhones using Android and WindowsPhone operating systems.

Applications available GeoStru Path Tracker, GeoStru Seismic Parameters, GeoStru Soil test manager, and GeoStru Converter.

Other applications in the development phase.

The applications are available on the Market.


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GeoStru Path Tracker

The software displays on the map and records with high-precision the route, including the altitudes.

The file can be saved in KML format and sent by e-mail.

The route can be viewed on: Google Earth, Maps Bing and Autocad.

The application is useful for drawing topographical maps, geological maps, etc.

GeoStru Ps Mobile

Application for the computation of the seismic parameters ag, Fo, Tc * according to the NTC 2008, for each mobile device movement.

Soil test manager

Application for archiving soil tests that allow importing data in GeoStru CVSoil.

Conversions of unit measures: forces, pressures, weights, lengths, surfaces.

eGeo Compass

An application that turns a mobile phone based on the Android operating system into a digital compass for geologists.

eGEO Compass can be used to measure the orientation of geological surfaces such as layer planes, faults or fractures.

The application uses three sensors commonly available in all smartphones equipped with Google Android operating system: the GPS antenna, the accelerometer and the compass.

Through the acquisition of dynamic data collected from these three instruments built into the phone, the software calculates in real-time: – Immersion – Inclination – Latitude, Longitude and Altitude.

These values are captured as measured by the user and are saved in a database integrated into the software.

From here, the data can be:

    • Viewed as a list of measures and individually enriched with specific notes;
    • Plotted as positions on a map based on satellite imagery of Google Maps;
    • Exported to CSV (Comma Separated Values) and eventually deleted.

The application allows you to acquire a measurement in less than 5 seconds without requiring the use of the other tool than the device itself.

This means that the times for capturing significant measurement samples are drastically reduced and are completely avoided by the error inherent in the transcription of the values acquired using analogue compasses.

The result is a general optimization of the terrain prospecting and detection phase, obtained through native digitization of the data collection process.