RockLab – Hoek Brown failure criterion for rock mass

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Software for the determination of the failure criterion of a rock mass according to the model of Hoek-Brown (2002). The software also calculates the strength parameters of the rock mass, allows for the calculation of the bearing capacity of foundations on rock according to the methods of Carter – Kulhawy, Serrano – Olalla – Gonzales.

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Hoek – Brown failure criterion
Using a linear approximation of the curvilinear envelope failure criterion of Hoek-Brown, in a range of stress field, one can obtain the parameters of cohesion and angle of shearing resistance of Mohr-Coulomb.

Data required
Compressive strength of the intact rock, GSI (Geological Strength Index), specific parameters of the rock mass, disturbance factor, deformation modulus.
Some of the parameters, such as GSI, and own parameters are identified directly by the software through interactive graphical procedures.

Calculated data
Constants of the rock mass s e a, tensile strength, upper limit of confinement stress relativeto tunnels and slopes, global rock mass strength, cohesion and angle of shearing resistance. The geotechnical parameters calculated are distinguished in calculation parameters and design parameters.

Calculation of parameters from triaxial tests 
Through laboratory tests, like triaxial tests, performed with Hoek and Brown cell, in which is measured the peak failure strength with the variation of confinement stress, is possible to calculate the rock’s resistance to compression and the parameter mi.

Foundations bearing capacity 
RockLab allows to obtain geotechnical parameters according to the followed design process. The check for ultimate limits states of the soil-foundation complex concerns the failure mechanisms determined by the mobilization of global resistance of materials.
The ultimate bearing capacity of the rock mass is calculated using the methods of: Carter-Kulhawy and Serrano-Olalla-Gonzales. Using the ultimate bearing capacity is calculated the design resistance

Results are displayed both numerically and graphically. The software produces a detailed calculation report.








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