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If you’re here it means you’re looking for automatic calculator tools for your profession

I would not want to waste your time: I’ll tell you what we do, as clearly as possible. Geostru is in the IT sector, particularly producing software and offering services in the following sectors: engineering (structures and geotechnics), geology, geomechanics, geophysics, topography, architecture. You can check the list of our products in this link. You can also make a direct search on our site: find the search tool at the top right, or you can search through an internet search engine using search terms like “geostru + the name of the sector of your interest“. For example, geostru slope stability, or geostru geotechnical software.


If what you are looking for is in these areas, then our tools will be very useful.


Nowadays on the market today you can find a wide variety of computing tools, from free to the most expensive, with the usual temptation to save. When choosing you should bear in mind that we are talking about sophisticated calculation tools, for which there must be assured in the present but above all in the future. Just do a search on the web to understand why GEOSTRU software is the most used in the world. You will be asking for the reasons (this is a question that has made our competitors several times at some trade fair meetings)?


Here are some


  • In the case of professional calculation tools, you must be sure that the results are correct and clear. We can give you the certainty of the result and, if that is not enough, I will also tell you that our software is used to publish technical articles in the main scientific journals of the world.
  • It’s true, we make software, but we also use software: how many have we seen with absurd data requests and unclear, unapproved results? Our software has been designed to be simple, with friendly input designed specifically for ease of use (we import every form of data), validated, strictly necessary data require, with one-hour average learning time.
  • Elaborations are clear, with exhaustive technical reports ready for delivery to the controller entity.
  • We provide free additional tools such as: Geostru PS, Geostru Maps, and over 30 applications to support the main products.

And that’s not all!


Each software performs a specific task: the geologist interprets test and files can be imported or sent to another software to continue with the processing, avoiding a great waste of time in going to search for the calculation parameters.


It is true, this is our opinion! But we would like to share some of the comments made recently by our users. You can find a list here


Complete software for verification of bearing capacity and superficial foundation settlements.It is very useful the input of every layer geotechnical parametersVery useful the Input of the geotechnical parameters of each stratum provided dynamic and static GeoStru software, with processing executed through a specific export file.It allows verification of many geometries of foundations, insertion of reinforcements, checking pressure bulbs with influence on adjacent load pressure bulbs, and liquefaction checks.Calculation of edometric and elastic settlements using various methodologies, among the most used Terzaghi and monodimensional consolidation. Schmertmann, Burland, elasticity theory.The plug-in for checking the settlement of earth embankments is very useful.I think it’s a great professional.
Phd. Denis Moore

Dynamic probing
Dynamic ProbingFrom the first release, thanks to the continuous updating of the software by GeoStru staff, Dynamic Is the most reliable and powerful of the products on the market.In addition, the possibility of having a direct relationship communication between the global user community and GEOSTRU, makes the product even more efficient.
geol. Kristopher Murphy


That’s all? No


We have not talked about one of the most important aspects: The Customer, in addition to coming first, is our colleague. Eventually you will want clarifications about a method of calculation, on an applied formula, on a project procedure to follow: on this we are always and timely available. You will not get this from a free software, on which you have no certainty of the result, not to mention anything else.


When you need it, you will want it in a minute. True?


We have computerized every aspect to speed up delivery; in less than a minute you will receive: software, activation codes, video tutorials, and tax documents. But above all, you will not have to be indebted to obtain our products. Have you ever wondered how much it costs to buy and maintain a software update? Our software cost on average 300-400 euros. And what do we give you?

  • Two permanent licenses or use, but if you have more PCs, you can request the activations you need, at no additional cost.
  • Updates for one year
  • Assistance for one year
  • A gift selected automatically by our system
  • Manuals
  • Accredited training courses

You’re wondering: what about the second year?


Your license does not expire, however if you plan to help us keep the software update and if you want to have updates and technical assistance, the annual cost is around 20 euros per software. We talk about annual cost, not monthly, that is … almost nothing

We want the price to be even more accessible


Here is a promotional code, in addition to the promotions already in progress. With the GET30 coupon you will get a 30% discount: it will be required by our online shopping process.

Visit the product page and look for the product you need


You will get access to your private area from which you can download the software and activate it immediately, a few moments after payment.

If you still have any questions contact us, we will be happy to help you.