This information is intended for all those who visit and interact with the website and seeking access to the services provided through the Site, including the service of selling products via web («e-commerce»).

The site is owned by EngSoft S.R.L. headquartered in Cluj-Napoca, Romania – EU VAT RO30277934 that, in accordance with its statutory objectives, has created the technological platform of the site and identified the technical procedures for organizing the e-commerce service.

The e-commerce service is provided by EngSoft S.R.L., which processes the purchase orders through its platform in accordance with the technical and organizational procedures.

To facilitate the online process, when filling the order form the user will see the personal information that has previously entered in the registration form and is required to complete the process of service delivery (eg. name, surname, address), without re-enter the data into the corresponding fields of the order form.

The user allows EngSof S.R.L. the collection of data (which EngSoft will treat in compliance with the Privacy Code according to the customer’s country) and email address, necessary to the process of service delivery, data that will be given to EngSoft S.R.L. only through the selection of the button that enables the transmission of the purchase order and not before.

Sales include a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, with items returned within 14 days of receipt (or of download of software from our servers, if the delivery is electronic). The right to return items such as software protection is valid until the registration codes are delivered.

To return an item, please write to us (via registered letter addressed to our office) or send us a fax.

The delivery is electronic consists in the download of the item from our user area and is free of additional charges. It allows you to activate the software via the web and be up and running in a few hours.

Product prices include the instructions manual (provided in pdf format) and do not include VAT, which is added in compliance with international laws.

The following payment conditions are available. Some may require an additional fee shown with the postage and packing fees.

Bank transfer
Credit card carte di credito

Free updates are available for the first year. After that, the price depends on the number of programmes owned and is calculated as a percentage of the price of the first licence.
Customers are automatically sent a reminder about the subscription expiry from about one month before the expiry date. Reminders are sent weekly.
Customers can place the order following the link in the e-mail they have received or accessing their reserved area in the website.

Orders can be placed online (after registering with our website) or over the telephone, speaking to our operators.

The activation procedure is automatic if the computer is connected to the Internet.

Las ventas se realizan con la fórmula SATISFECHOS O REEMBOLSADOS, con derecho de rescisión dentro de 7 días desde la fecha de recibimiento del producto o, en caso de entrega electrónica, desde la fecha de descarga del software desde nuestros servidores. Para las protecciones software el derecho de rescisión puede ejercerse hasta que no se haya procedido a la entrega de los códigos de registro.
Es posible ejercer este derecho con pedido escrito, con carta certificada o fax, que tiene que enviarse a nuestra oficina.

La entrega electrónica se realiza a través de la descarga desde nuestra área de usuarios, no comporta ningún gasto adicional y permite ser operativos dentro de pocas horas, activando el software vía web. La entrega electrónica se realiza a través de la descarga desde nuestra área de usuarios, no comporta ningún gasto adicional y permite ser operativos dentro de pocas horas, activando el software vía web.

El precio de los productos incluye el manual, distribuido en formato electrónico PDF, y debe considerarse al neto de IVA, calculado como previsto en las normativas internacionales.

Están disponibles las siguientes modalidades de pago. Para algunas es posible que se pida el recargo indicado sobre los gastos de envío.

Transferencia bancaria
Tarjeta de crédito

«Son gratuitas dentro de 1 año desde la fecha de adquisición; sucesivamente el coste depende del número de programas poseídos y se calcula como porcentaje del coste de la primera licencia. «
El aviso del vencimiento de la subscripción se envía automáticamente al cliente aproximadamente un mes antes del vencimiento y se repite a intervalos semanales.
El cliente puede efectuar el pedido de actualización siguiendo el enlace presente en el e-mail recibido o bien accediendo a su área reservada en la página web.

El pedido puede realizarse en línea, previo registro en nuestra página web, o bien telefónicamente a través de nuestros operadores.

El procedimiento de activación se realiza automáticamente, en caso de pc conectado a Internet.