This information is intended for all those who visit and interact with the website and seeking access to the services provided through the Site, including the service of selling products via web (“e-commerce”).

The site is owned by EngSoft S.R.L. headquartered in Cluj-Napoca, Romania – EU VAT RO30277934 that, in accordance with its statutory objectives, has created the technological platform of the site and identified the technical procedures for organizing the e-commerce service.

The e-commerce service is provided by EngSoft S.R.L., which processes the purchase orders through its platform in accordance with the technical and organizational procedures.

To facilitate the online process, when filling the order form the user will see the personal information that has previously entered in the registration form and is required to complete the process of service delivery (eg. name, surname, address), without re-enter the data into the corresponding fields of the order form.

The user allows EngSof S.R.L. the collection of data (which EngSoft will treat in compliance with the Privacy Code according to the customer’s country) and email address, necessary to the process of service delivery, data that will be given to EngSoft S.R.L. only through the selection of the button that enables the transmission of the purchase order and not before.