hydrology software

HYDROLOGIC RISK – Hydraulic-Hydrological risk

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Hydrologic Risk program allows the determination of the Hydrologic and Hydraulic risk in a basin or courses confluent to a main river trunk.
The characteristics of the discrete elements (basin, course etc.) in terms of affluence and effluence quantitively and temporally can be determined and thereby the flood flow rate of segments under consideration is derived.

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Multi-Channel Analysis of Surface Waves – Easy MASW

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Easy MASW is a new software for the interpretation and archiving of seismic data using the MASW method (Multi-Channel Analysis of Surface Waves). It is a very easy-to-use application that, with simple steps, performs the analysis of the shear waves velocities Vs.

Horizontal Vertical Spectral Ratio – EASY HVSR

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Horizontal Vertical Spectral Ratio – EASY HVSR allows the analysis of the spectral ratio of microtremors recorded with a single-station. The simplicity of use and speed of execution of the calculations allow the user to get immediate results in the estimation of: resonance frequency, stratigraphic profile and equivalent shear wave velocity Vs,eq, all according to the guidelines suggested by the SESAME project.
The software imports SEG2, SAF and ASCII files.



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The downhole seismic method (DH) measures the time taken for the P and S waves to move between a seismic source located on the surface of the ground, and the receivers, placed inside a borehole.

Static penetration tests – Static Probing

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This program processes and archives penetrometric equipment readings for static penetrometers such as CPT (Cone penetration test), CPTE (Cone penetration test electric) and CPTU (Cone penetration test Piezocone).


Dynamic penetration tests – Dynamic Probing

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Software used for Dynamic Penetration Tests, that is the reading, recording, interpretation, storage and the management of any type of penetrometer including new or custom equipment and of in borehole SPT readings.

Dynamic Probing provides functions for the archiving of readings by site and for automatic calculation of the real energy transmitted, including correction for warp and the correlation coefficient with SPT (standard reference tests for geomechanic calculations and geotechnic correlations).

Dynamic Probing also BIM compatible with geolocation import ed export in AGS format (Association of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Specialists)

Geotechnical characteristic parameters – CVSoil

360.00 esc. IVA

CVSoil is a complete and innovative tool for the determination of geotechnical characteristic parameters according to a probabilistic approach, considering the statistical quantities obtained from a suitable sample of tests.

Analysis of rocky elements - RockPlane

Analysis of rocky elements – RockPlane

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RockPlane is a software tool for the evaluation of localized instability rocky elements affected by seismic movements and/or by presence of water pressures within intersurface fractures. The software provides slide and overturning risk safety factors that enable verification of the stability of the block and as required the design of stabilization works using active or passive anchors and nails.


GeoMechanical Survey – G.M.S.

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The software GMS (GeoMechanical Survey) has the aim to represent and process the geo-structural survey of rock masses joints performed in-situ with the method of the compass and clinometer, according to the ISRM recommendations. The joints in a rock mass condition, in a more or less evident way, the mechanical behavior of the rock and of the geotechnical model at the basis of any calculation. It is important, in order to correctly evaluate the stability condition, to have a precise description of the rock structure and joints, both in qualitative and quantitative terms.


Rock falls 3D – GeoRock 3D

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GeoRock 3D is a program for three dimensional analysis of rock fall and for the design and optimisation of protective works utilising a sophisticated algorithm for spatial analysis.

Rock falls 2D – GeoRock 2D

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GeoRock 2D is a software made by GeoStru for the 2D simulation of rockfalls using Lumped Mass and C.R.S.P. models.

For the Lumped Mass model, the computation assumptions are: plan outline, the slope profile similar to a broken line consisting of straight line segments; point boulder and neglectable air resistance.

CRSP (Colorado Rockfall Simulation Program) model has been developed by Pfeiffer and Bowen (1989) with the purpose of modeling the falling motion of boulders having the shape of spheres, cylinders or discs, with circular cross section in the vertical plane of the movement. The reliability of the model was verified by comparisons between numerical results and the results obtained from in situ tests.

Stratigraphic columns – Stratigrapher

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The new version of Stratigrapher enables the construction of stratigraphic columns for geological or geotechnical use having models for Wells, SPT, CPT, MASW and Liquefaction. The availability of multiple pages layout allows a detailed representation of surveys at great depths.  BIM COMPATIBLE

Pile and Micropile – MP

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Pile and micropile software is intended for calculation of the bearing capacity of the foundation terrain of a pile or micropile (Screw-piles) bearing loads in whatever distribution (moment, normal force, shear). Structural calculation yielding dimensions of longitudinal steel struts, interval and size of rings is also performed.

retaining walls

Retaining walls software – MDC

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MDC is a software product for the design and analysis of reinforced concrete retaining walls either resting on their own foundation or on piles, optionally supported by tiebacks.
The geotechnical computation employs the standard geotechnical methods subject to user choice and carries out the verifications prescribed by the selected standard, amongst which global stability even in seismic conditions. Structural evaluations performs reinforcements sizing and verification with Ultimate Limit State or Allowable Tensions.

MDC is simple and intuitive but with amazing features including: pre-design work, easy management of the combinations: GEO, STR, GLOBAL STABILITY , localization and automatic import of seismic parameters, displacements analysis in dynamicfield, reinforcements editor, 3D view. Import and export of works that should fall in stabilization operations.
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