Texture – soil textures

99.00 esc. IVA

Library of lithological textures divided into categories: Noncohesive soils, Cohesive soils, Rocks and Other.

Also includes Vector Textures and a Texture Editor that gives the possibility to add new soil textures or alter the existing ones.

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topography - trispace

Topography software – TriSpace

490.00 esc. IVA

Trispace resolves the requirement to effect three dimensional terrain studies through the generation of: digital elevation plans, contoured elevation plans, dynamic sections, three dimensional views, distances or areas and volume calculations. Thus this program becomes a useful tool both in geological fields due to the extreme facility in creation of longitudinal sections, as in the more strictly topographical one as it imposes no limits regarding either triangulation points nor on the number of sections. Further thanks to its integration into geotechnic and geological GeoStru programs it allows the resolution of computational problems connected with Slope Stability and Rock Fall.

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Static penetration tests – Static Probing

480.00 esc. IVA

This program processes and archives penetrometric equipment readings for static penetrometers such as CPT (Cone penetration test), CPTE (Cone penetration test electric) and CPTU (Cone penetration test Piezocone).


Dynamic penetration tests – Dynamic Probing

460.00 esc. IVA

Software used for Dynamic Penetration Tests, that is the reading, recording, interpretation, storage and the management of any type of penetrometer including new or custom equipment and of in borehole SPT readings.

Dynamic Probing provides functions for the archiving of readings by site and for automatic calculation of the real energy transmitted, including correction for warp and the correlation coefficient with SPT (standard reference tests for geomechanic calculations and geotechnic correlations).

Dynamic Probing also BIM compatible with geolocation import ed export in AGS format (Association of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Specialists)

Geotechnical characteristic parameters – CVSoil

360.00 esc. IVA

CVSoil is a complete and innovative tool for the determination of geotechnical characteristic parameters according to a probabilistic approach, considering the statistical quantities obtained from a suitable sample of tests.