Our professional services also include consultancy in the construction, deployment and re-engineering of projects for the business management and supervision.

Our operational experience covers areas such as:

  • Statistics
  • Mesh Generation
  • Two-dimensional and three-dimensional numerical methods of analysis (FEM and DEM)
  • Databases
  • e-commerce
  • Interoperability with third-party software (Excel, AutoCAD, SAP, CSIBridge, Revit, etc.)
  • Development of graphic techniques in OpenGL ,DirectX and GDI+
  • Web services
  • Web based applications
  • Client-server applications;
  • Platform indipendent applications
  • Applications for smatphone Android and Windows

We use the most advanced technological tools available in the field of computer science that allow us to offer high quality performance and optimized production time for our customers.

Our technical skills include:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework up to version 4.5
  • Programming languages C#, VB.NET, FORTRAN, VB6, C++
  • Web programming languages HTML 5, Asp, Asp.NET, Asp.NET Ajax, javascript, php, jsp
  • Design Pattern
  • Database SQL server, MySql, Oracle, Access

Working with GeoStru is more than just buying software – it means having beside you a team of professionals willing to share their knowledge and experience for excellent results!