Well Foundation

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Foundation is software for designing and calculating structural wells according to Eurocodes and NTC.

The software calculates the state of stress acting on the shaft, the rotation, displacements and reactions of the ground along the shaft and at the base.

It also performs the sizing of the excavation support works, of the bottom plug and performs all the verifications prescribed by the technical regulations, in static and seismic conditions.


Structural wells – Well Foundation: performs the calculation of a well of predetermined section (circular or rectangular) and length, stressed by a defined system of external forces acting at the head of the well, and by the reactions of the soil along the shaft and at the base.

The computational algorithm uses a Winkler-like interaction scheme, which can account for the nonlinearity of soil behaviour.

The calculation can be carried out for wells immersed in homogeneous and stratified soils, as foundation work for bridge and viaduct piers and as support and stabilization work for a slope.

For the latter condition, it is possible to consider different anchor orders.

With Well Foundation, it is possible to carry out the excavation support works sizing and the related components’ structural checks.

Moreover, for wells realized under the water table, it is possible to carry out the sizing of the bottom plug to contrast the hydraulic underthrust.

    • Sizing of excavation support works;
    • Horizontal displacement of the shaft;
    • Distribution of internal stresses;
    • Reactions of the soil, along the shaft and at the base;
    • Rotation and settlements of the well base;
    • Sizing of the bottom plug;
    • Buoyancy verification;
    • Bearing capacity verification;
    • Centrings verification;
    • Micropile verification.

Foundation software also allows for locating the intervention area and automatically importing the seismic parameters and a detailed computation report.


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