Slope 2D Section

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Slope 2D Section represents a limited version of the Slope software, designed to facilitate the creation of 2D geological and geotechnical sections with precision and versatility. Slope 2D Section offers a wide range of carefully designed functionalities to graphically represent subsurface sections, showing the layer sequence present at a specific site with a detailed visualization of the geological and morphological structure of the terrain, and the characteristics of the soils or rocks that compose it.

Request free activation if you have an updated version of  Dynamic Probing and/or Static Probing.


Slope 2D Section presents itself as an indispensable tool for those operating in the geological and geotechnical sector, offering an intuitive working environment that adapts to the specific needs of those working in this field. Its combination of advanced features and ease of use makes it a valuable tool in accurately creating 2D geological and geotechnical sections.

The main features of the Slope 2D Section module are:

  • Internal CAD drawing: Slope 2D Section is equipped with an internal CAD system that allows for precise drawing of geometric elements. The CAD features have been developed to facilitate complex intersection operations between layers, ensuring accurate representation.
  • Internal textures for lithologies: the module is equipped with internal textures to apply to lithologies for a detailed visualization of geological characteristics, improving the understanding of lithostratigraphic succession.
  • Import of files with different extensions: Slope 2D Section supports data import from various file formats, including DXF, AGS, GM3D, Dynamic, and Static Probing. Additionally, it is possible to import stratigraphic columns directly from Stratigrapher, simplifying the process of acquiring and integrating data.
  • Automatic reconstruction of topographic profile morphology: thanks to its powerful automatic reconstruction function, the software is able to generate topographic profiles automatically from survey data, significantly reducing drawing times.
  • Drawing of structures and insertion of key graphic elements: Slope 2D Section offers dedicated tools for drawing structures, simplifying the graphical representation of complex structures. Furthermore, it allows for easy insertion of groundwater levels and piezometers, as well as draining trenches.
  • Automatic dimensioning: the software automates the process of dimensioning geometric elements, ensuring precision and consistency in the graphical representation of geological and geotechnical sections.
  • Printing and exports: Slope 2D Section offers multiple options for printing the created model and exporting drawings, allowing for file sharing with colleagues and clients. The generated files can be easily read by Slope for stability checks.