Geotechnical dynamic analysis – QSIM

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QSIM software analyses slope stability in dynamic conditions using Newmark’s method.

The software offers, as a result, the trend displacements and velocities during the earthquake and the maximum displacement. It also generates design artificial accelerograms and more.

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Newmark’s method models a landslide as a rigid block sliding on an inclined plane; movement occurs when horizontal acceleration exceeds the critical value kc calculated by a pseudo-static analysis. When acceleration falls below this value, motion proceeds with null acceleration.

Other features:

    • Import of accelerograms from any external file;
    • Integration of design accelerograms in the automatic generation;
    • Computation of response spectrum for design accelerogram,
    • Computation of response spectra according to normative for ultimate limit state ULS, for damage limit state and the elastic limit state, horizontal and vertical;
    • Superimposition of the response spectrum of the design accelerogram and normative spectrum to establish compatibility;
    • Returns the diagrams of accelerations, velocities and displacements;
    • All graphics can be exported and printed.

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Newmark Deformation Analysis