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Trispace resolves the requirement to effect three dimensional terrain studies through the generation of: digital elevation plans, contoured elevation plans, dynamic sections, three dimensional views, distances or areas and volume calculations. Thus this program becomes a useful tool both in geological fields due to the extreme facility in creation of longitudinal sections, as in the more strictly topographical one as it imposes no limits regarding either triangulation points nor on the number of sections. Further thanks to its integration into geotechnic and geological GeoStru programs it allows the resolution of computational problems connected with Slope Stability and Rock Fall.

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Topography software used for
• Triangulations/Sufaces
• Point triangulation with the option to indicate constraint lines, exclusion areas or perimeters (for lakes, ditches, etc.)
• Contour lines, with customized labeling
• Wide choice of faded colors to highlight the level elevations (isozones)
• Interpolations
• Isozones
• Editable Voronoi diagram and Kriging
• Linear and cubic interpolation (for roundings and approximations)
• Volumes calculation
• Leveling with horizontal plan
• Leveling with the plan passing through three points
• Leveling between two surveys
• Intersection between surveys

General features
• Input of point coordinates from the keyboard, with the possibility to indicate additional atributes, such as symbol, color, whether it is a detail point or a drilling point
• Numerous options for importing points: from DXF files, from Geostru Maps  , from text files
• Multi layer management: work plans can be associated on each level
• 3D view of individual surveys or complete levels
• Choice of the axis of plan display (X,Y,Z)
• Duplicate analysis, guided point decimation
• Standard graphic objects: texts, lines, polylines, arches, polygons, rectangles
• Standard precizion tools (SNAPs and guided mesh)
• Importing raster images with scaling
• Plotting of slope vectors
• Extracting three-dimensional information from: Google Maps, Bing Maps

New features
• Photorealistic rendering of the 3D model
• Photorealistic rendering of the stratigraphy
• “Link” graphic correspondence between sections and plan
• View of multiple 2D sections
• Positioning of works directly on the section
• Section export, including works, for other GeoStru software

• Immediate longitudinal section on the basis of an arbitrary polyline
• Longitudinal section through union of points
• Equidistant automatic sections
• Three-dimensional section with interpolation of more surveys on different elevations
• Three-dimensional section
• 3D view
• Animated 3D view for the survey

All reports can be printed (also available print preview) or exported in various formats: DXF, WMF, BMP etc.

The software has a detailed online help.

Additional notes
It interfaces with other GEOSTRU software for automatic plotting of geotechnical or topographical sections.




Release 2021, general review and bug fix



New Release 2019



Export hydrographic basin for Hydrologic Risk
New version 2018, general improvement and general bug fix, compatibility with win 10, upgrade manual and documentation



fix bug in inport txt file "format srtm"

  • Added a command to perform the scaling of the labels font (contour lines).
  • Advanced Management DXF file import.


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