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GeoRock 3D is a program for three dimensional analysis of rock fall and for the design and optimisation of protective works utilising a sophisticated algorithm for spatial analysis.

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GeoRock 3D is a program for analysis of rock falls in 3D and for the design and optimisation of protective works utilising a sophisticated algorithm for spatial analysis.

Slope modelling
The slope in question is generated from an xyz mesh that may be imported from variuos formats or suitable external software.
The triangulation technique is extremely important and it is recommended that Incremental Delaunay or anysotropic triangulation are used.

In this respect the Geostru software “TriSpace” is eminently suitable.

A tridimensional model can be imported directly from chart work / maps using Geostru Autocad Application (G.A.A.)

Terrain properties
The slope is discretized in homogeneous zones, having similar mechanical characteristics, namely normal and tangential restitution coefficients.

Block characteristics
By a geometrical point of view the block is characterized by a spherical form rotating around its center of gravity, while its mechanical characteristics are hardness and mass.

Launch sites
Launch sites can be indicated directly on the 3D model specifying, for each launch, the launch velocity.

This provides three dimensional trajectories, speed and energy.

Protective works
Protective works can be inserted directly on the 3D model and their position optimised in relation to the displayed trajectories.

Barrier archive
Facilities are provided for an archive of standard barriers that may be reutilsed directly on the 3D model.

Protective works sizing
Geostru Software provides a tool, BARRIER DESIGN (B.D.) for the design and verification of rigid or elastic barriers.

This software interfaces with Geostru software TriSpace and Georock 2D.




New Release 2020



New release 2018, extension to 400.000 point



Version 2017: General improvement, compatibility with win 10, bug fix




  • Added the possibility to identify the correspondence between the graphics of trajectory, energy and height of the boulder.
  • Implemented the possibility to insert 2D and 3D markers on a contour plan.This feature is useful to represent the fiducial points at known coordinates.
  • Optimized *.asc file import. The user is given the opportunity to select a limited number of points for which to perform the triangulation.

1 review for Rock falls 3D – GeoRock 3D

  1. Paolo Nania (verified owner)

    Programma ottimo. Bisogna essere attenti sui valori di taratura dei coefficienti di restituzione di rimbalzo per non incorrere in grossolani errori di valutazione.
    Difficoltoso gestire dei modelli con oltre 20.000 nodi di triangolazione.
    Non consente di riposizionare i blocchi con la sottostante immagine georeferenziata, in funzione 3D.
    Da implementare con la possibilità di generare aree con pendenze omogenee dando dei range assegnati.

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