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GeoRock 2D is a software made by GeoStru for the 2D simulation of rockfalls using Lumped Mass and C.R.S.P. models.

For the Lumped Mass model, the computation assumptions are: plan outline, the slope profile similar to a broken line consisting of straight line segments; point boulder and neglectable air resistance.

CRSP (Colorado Rockfall Simulation Program) model has been developed by Pfeiffer and Bowen (1989) with the purpose of modeling the falling motion of boulders having the shape of spheres, cylinders or discs, with circular cross section in the vertical plane of the movement. The reliability of the model was verified by comparisons between numerical results and the results obtained from in situ tests.

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Rock falls 2D. GeoRock 2D is a software for the rock falls 2D simulation using Lumped Mass and C.R.S.P. models.

The software is interfaced with other GeoStru programs: TriSpace for the automatic generation of sections from an xyz plane or from raster images and also with GeoStru Maps, the new online App from GeoStru, that allows you to create topographic sections in a very simple way.

The fall trajectories can be divided in the following areas:

  • transit area and stop area of 70% of the blocks
  • stop area of 95% of the blocks
  • stop area of 100% of the blocks

To these areas are then assigned the relative hazard classes.


  • Graphic input with mouse (or other pointing device)
  • Import from Excel
  • Import of DXF files
  • Import of topographic profile generated by TriSpace
  • Import of raster images
  • Automatic generation of topographic sections to be analyzed using GeoStru Maps


  • CRSP method (Colorado Rockfall Simulation Program
  • LUMPED MASS method


  • Barriers


  • Calculation type: statistical, deterministic
  • Boulder form: Spherical, Cylindrical, Disc
  • Function boulder attached to the slope
  • Function barrier attached to the slope
  • Point launch or definition of launch area
  • Automatic identification of lauch points
  • Animated display of bounce and impact
  • Display of all calculated trajectories
  • Selection of generic trajectory
  • Energy, Velocity, Flight time, and Parabola height information at any point of the trajectory
  • Display of kinematic parameters relative to the barriers
  • Display of percentage of boulders passing defined points on fall path
  • Georock 2D interfaces with Georock 3D for the analysis of three-dimensional rock fall




New release 2021



New Release 2020



new release 2018



General improvements and bug fixes




  • Improvements for the management of launches > 1000.
  • Implemented graphics with print preview function, the command to display all trajectories and the command to delete the elements of the materials database. Created new options: velocity graphic for each trajectory, all trajectories, envelope. Activated Undo and Redo commands on multiple levels.
  • Import from Excel file modified.
  • Various corrections.

2 reviews for Rock falls 2D – GeoRock 2D

  1. filippo catanzariti (verified owner)

    send you this email on behalf of M…TER Engineering, Tunisian consultancy which purchased from you a geostru software package since 2009.

    Since we changed the PC used for these softwares, we would like please to get a new registration number relative to the software Georock 2D for the moment.

    By the way, is there please an alternative to get a hardlock device so as we can use it instead of changing the codes from time to another.

  2. maurizio azzola (verified owner)

    programma intuitivo e semplice da usare, completo nelle analisi

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