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The new version of Stratigrapher enables the construction of stratigraphic columns for geological or geotechnical use having models for Wells, SPT, CPT, MASW and Liquefaction. The availability of multiple pages layout allows a detailed representation of surveys at great depths.  BIM COMPATIBLE

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The new version of the software allows data import from other GeoStru programs such as: Dynamic Probing, Static Probing, MASW and Liquiter.

Several templates for the representation of Wells, SPT, CPT, MASW, etc. are available locally or online. The online models can be downloaded and used locally. An integrated template editor offers the possibility to create new models or to custom the existing ones.

Data processed with Stratigrapher can be exported in other GeoStru programs such as Slope, LoadCap, MP, etc.

The program has an extensive library of lithological textures available both online and locally. Online textures can also be imported to enrich the local database.

For the stratigraphic model created by the user, the following display modes can be used: draft, WYSIWYG ( What You See Is What You Get) and normal.

The software offers the possibility, through simple steps, to create stratigraphic columns both for the representation of lithological successions deriving from SPT, CPT, MASW tests, as for the representation of wells. Just drag with the mouse the soil type within the model and, automatically, the reference details will be filled in the columns of the template. The multi-page function allows to represent even the surveys having a big depth in a single file.

  • The software offers a local library of lithological textures divided into: Cohesionless soils, Cohesive soils, Rocks and Others, as well as Vector Textures; the user can add more textures or customize the existing ones, thanks to a Raster texture editor and to the Vector texture editor. In addition the user can download textures that are available online.
  • The template editor offers the possibility to add or remove columns, alter lables and headings for existing templates, or create new custom templates.
  • Each model created by the user can be saved in a template database that allows a very flexible management of the cases that the user usually has to work with.
  • Templates are available locally and online for the user to load, and they represent the most used cases: SPT, CPT, MASW, detailed representation of Wells.
  • The description of the lithological successions is managed in such a way to allow the insertion of a complete and detailed description even for the thinner layers.
  • Templates for Wells, CPT, MASW and Liquefaction.
  • Management of core boxes.




New version 2022 released



New release 2020



New release 2019



New version 2018, bim compatible.



Version 2017, general improvements




1 review for Stratigraphic columns – Stratigrapher

  1. Enzo Massaro (verified owner)

    Il programma ha problemi di funzionalità già evidenziati ai tecnici GeoStru ad oggi mai risolti. Non consente la modifica dei font nelle tabelle di output, non consente la modifica delle dimensioni della tabella ed altro ancora….

    • filippo catanzariti

      Buongiorno Enzo
      Stratihgrapher lo stiamo rifacendo per settembre pensiamo di completare.

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