Mechanically Stabilized Earth – MRE

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Design and verification of mechanically stabilized earth with metallic elements, geomembranes, gabions, geogrids and Wooden Piles both in static and seismic conditions.

The software allows you to easily create the input through a series of dedicated tools such as automatic generation of reinforcement positions, generation of the reinforced soil profile and choosing between a steady gradient profile or terraced profile.

The user can define reinforced soil types in the same file and perform all the verification and project analysis for multiple load combinations.

The program has a database of the main reinforcement elements the user can enrich.

MRE in addition to GEO and STR performs global, Tieback, Compound verifications.

Attention SLOPE users should not purchase this product as MRE is in included in SLOPE. The module is accessed via the CTRL+E command sequence or from the intervention works menu. To obtain MRE it is recommended to purchase Slope.

For licenses given by third-party companies for which the software has been customized please contact the licensee.

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    • Eurocode 7/8;
    • British Standard;
    • Norme tecniche per le costruzioni (NTC);
    • SIA
    • AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications
    • User.


    • Metalic bars or strips;
    • Geotextile strips or sheets (geomembranes);
    • Geogrid;
    • Blocks systems
    • Wooden stakes
    • also in blocks


    • Definition of: effective length, sizing of the resistant section.


    • Pullout /Sliding, Failure;
    • Sliding, Overturning, Bearing capacity, Global stability of the work-soil complex.


    • Diagram of pressures on the work;
    • Stress on reinforcements diagram;
    • Pressures in the foundation diagram;
    • Failure wedge.


    • Thrust on the reinforcement;
    • Pullout safety factor;
    • Failure safety factor;
    • Pullout resistance;
    • Material ultimate strength.

The software offers a detailed computation report, rich in theoretical contents.


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