Geothermal design – GHP DESIGN 3D

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Geothermal design for low-enthalpy systems, in accordance with the most recent regulations.

Allows for the sizing of both vertical geothermal probes, through the ASHRAE method (starting from the building’s energy needs on a monthly scale and considering single/double and coaxial U-shaped exchangers) and of horizontal geothermal probes (depending on the local climate, soil type, thermal and cooling capacity of the installation, and seasonal load factor trends), to ensure the turbulent flow of the heat transfer fluid.

GHP Design 3D produces detailed design drawings.

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Geothermal design – GHP DESIGN 3D allows design data to be defined by direct graphical input. Databases can be customized by the user: from the characteristics of pipelines, soil, heat transfer fluid, borehole fill material and fuels. Based on the results obtained, GHP DESIGN 3D allows the development of the metric calculation, the economic and environmental impact analysis and the technical calculation report. In the design and implementation phase, in addition to the geological and thermotechnical content, emphasis was also placed on the graphical interface, which, with the help of a 3D editor, allows importing three-dimensional construction models, viewing boreholes, checking dimensions and choosing the layout, as well as printing the graphic design with two- and three-dimensional diagrams.

Geothermal design – GHP DESIGN 3D performs geothermal good sizing based on building energy requirements, soil characteristics and heat exchangers.


    • Sizing of vertical heat exchanger installations using the ASHRAE method, which involves a calculation procedure using the method developed by Ingersoll in 1954 and adopted and implemented by Kavanaugh and Rafferty in 1997.
    • Sizing of horizontal heat exchanger installations, both in trenches and over large areas. The difference with vertical probes is that longer probes are required because the soil at shallow depths has a lower thermal gradient, with the heat of the soil being formed almost entirely from solar radiation at the surface.

UNI 10349, UProductsNI EN 14511, UNI EN 12309

General data, climate data, soil data, borehole data, probe data, fluid data, building energy requirements data, heat pump data, plant data, borehole data, the definition of ground level dimensions, the definition of planimetric footprint dimensions and positioning of a borehole.


    • Database on thermophysical properties of soils, fluids and borehole fill materials;
    • Fuels database.

V3D stratigraphy, 3D boreholes, 2D vertical and horizontal section boreholes, building model loading.

Technical calculation report, graphical project management, metric calculation, economic and environmental impact analysis.

Detailed online help.




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