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With GeoStru Formula, we created a practical and support software tool for all professionals in the geological and geotechnical field.

The software solves all kinds of problems, from the classification of soil interpretation of static and dynamic tests to calculate the earth’s thrusts.

Hundreds of correlations have been included with formulas in extended form and comparison charts.

A graphical database that users can share is also available, containing dozens of geotechnical properties and hundreds of materials.



Geological and Geotechnical formulas – Geostru Formula software includes a set of very broad topics.

With Geostru Formula, we created a practical and support software tool for all professionals in the geological and geotechnical field. GeoStru Formula solves different problems, for example, if you need to know the monodimensional consolidation coefficients.

Geostru Formula looks for them in the integrated database or provides correlations to calculate them.

In slope stability, it is necessary to calculate the stability of an infinite slope. Or do you need to get the special geotechnical parameters from in situ tests?

All this and more is included in Geostru Formula software, with over 100 correlations available in extended form, formulas and graphs for comparison, dozens of formulas, and a database containing tens of geotechnical properties and hundreds of materials.

The software consists of a vast collection of correlations for:

    • Geotechnical parameters such as cohesion and shear resistance angle, correlations between properties, soil index
    • Surveys and soil tests: SPT, CPT, DMT
    • Earth pressure: Rest, Active, Passive under static and dynamic conditions
    • Consolidation parameters
    • Rock mechanics
    • Permeability tests
    • Geophysics
    • Stability of slopes

The integrated soil database constitutes a rich library of soil geotechnical characteristics. The database is user customizable but shared with the central GEOSTRU database. Each time it is integrated with the new elements, our server sends a notification and transfers it to the end user. The transfer system is not limited to replacing files but integrates the user’s database.

All Geostru applications share the same database.

Geostru Formula is a tool of considerable utility in all circumstances where the user has little information on the soil to be characterized and needs to know the formula used for determining the parameter of interest. Geostru Formula is an indispensable resource with immediate use.




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New release 2019



New release 2018

Bug fix in share soils database
New Correlation Vs with Unit Weight and saturated, Cohesion, Angle of Shearing
News: English and Spanish versions


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