Geostru educational licenses. We are convinced that working constructively to improve training is a task, but especially a duty that realities such as ours must assume towards future technical generations.

Making the tools available that make the subject of the course applicable and possibly even more understandable makes the learning process of the future engineer or geologist more effective.

Veterans of Italian and foreign experiences that confirm this intuition, we will continue this activity in the coming years, in the hope that our intuition can be shared by an increasing number of Universities, with the common goal of improving the learning process of future generations.

Therefore we propose to the teachers of the degree programs that deal specifically with the topics of our programs, the activation of educational licenses, in order to use our software for academic purposes, to be used in lectures or exercises, to better understand the logic to which the specific subject refers.

To apply for the 50 percent discount for the educational license for professors and training institutions, fill in the contact form below.

Attach as a zip file (at the bottom of the request) a proof of identity in addition to proof of teaching, if teacher, and a certificate of enrollment if student

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