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Geostru develops and distributes software in the field of Engineering, Geology, Geotechnic, Geotechnical Engineering, Soil Mechanics, Rock Mechanics, Engineering Geology, Foundation Engineering, Hydrogeology, Environmental Engineering, Geophysic, Topography, Hydrology and Soil testing.

Geostru stands out for its commitment, quality and skills. With over 20 years of experience, its presence in 30 countries around the world and over 30,000 active licenses, Geostru is recognized as a world market leader.

The software is designed respecting the standards of: absolute precision in the algorithm for several kinds of calculations, user-friendly interface, highly professional output designs.

Each program is independent and solves specific cases. However the different modules can interact with each other through the Geostru interchange technology (edp) or through the BIM standard (AGS4).

Geostru is committed to being at the customer’s side, maintaining competitive prices and professional quality.

Our software

Our business group is made up of: engineers, geologists and computer scientists.

Gology and Geotechnics
Hydraulics and hydrology

Our sectors

Desktop Software

Over 50 software of extremely high reliability and quality recognized worldwide.

Geostru 365

Over 30 GEOSTRU software in cloud computing.
The applications can be used on your browser.

If you don’t want to buy software, this is the best solution.

No limitation compared to commercial software.
With cloud computing you can import, process, print and export.

With GEOSTRU 365, the customer does not have to install, configure, update programs.
Just log in with username and password.

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Over 70 web applications for the solution of particular cases.

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Management and Archiving of Technical Study Documents.

The user can archive the technical study documentation in the cloud, combining geographic information in electronic format.
The user accesses on the cloud application with user and password, locates the work area on the map (directly on site with mobile devices).
When locating the construction site, various information will be requested, such as the client, the project code….

More information on Geodropbox

Corsi di formazione

Choose the accredited training (CFP), enroll in the next online courses and follow them from the comfort of your home or study.

Over the past year, we have organized hundreds of courses, many free.

Visit the dedicated portal


We have tried to keep the same structural line as much as possible in all the software in order to facilitate the user in the integrated design.

Each program has its own individuality and does not require additional modules, however it allows you to pass information from one application to another, simplifying the user’s work.

We are BIM accredited members of AGS (Association of Geotechnical & Geoenvironmental Specialists).

More informations

User interface

We have simplified the use of the software with a simple and intuitive interface.

Internal CAD, integrated databases, copy and paste from external software file import, DXF imports.

Calculation model

All software are equipped with dual algorithms: simplified and advanced.

Today, our calculation models are extremely reliable, as demonstrated by the numerous technical-scientific articles published in the most important international journals.

Print and designs

All software produce technical drawings according to the standards of current regulations: DOC, DOCX, DXF, DWG, PNG.

Reports and drawings are elaborated by our software, no need to use word or cad.

Web service

All applications do not need an internet connection but when connected you can use the added services provided by our servers such as: location, seismic parameterization, calculations etc

Help and user manual

Each software has an integrated help and a help service which draws the information directly from our technical documentation server.

PDF manuals are also provided

Technical support

Helpdesk is provided directly by the competent technical operators via telephone or ticket.

Our proposal

Being a Geostru customer has many advantages:

  • highly qualitative software,
  • quality technical support,
  • reduced update and assistance costs
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For the purchase of more software there is a discount of 5% for each software subsequent to the first. For every 4 software you get a 20% discount


Are you a recent graduate (< 4 years)?

Geostru incentives the purchase with an initial discount of 30%


Have you software equivalent to ours with a regular license of use?
We offer you a 50% discount


Over 50 software for your profession, each module is independent but the data can be interchanged from one software to another through our standard or BIM.

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