How to download GeoStru software

  • Access your GeoStru my account
  • Verify that your PC has the system requirements for software installation
  • In your Dashboard, under “Available downloads”, your purchased software and related orders will appear
  • Download the setup file by pressing Download

How to install GeoStru software on your PC

Recent software installation with the self-updating procedure (Microsoft Click-Once)

  • Once you click on download you will get a new web page where you can download the installation file by pressing on Install. Important: If your browser reports a threat, ignore the message and download the file. According to the browser press the respective option (Keep, Keep anyway, Keep file, etc…).
  • After downloading the setup file (setup.exe), double-click and start the installation. Important: If Windows displays the security message “Windows Protected PC” press on learn more and then on “Run anyway”.
  • You will see the window for simultaneous download and installation of the software, at the end you will start the program and a shortcut icon will be created on the Desktop.

Classical installation

  • Click on download, the installation file will be downloaded on the pc.
  • After downloading the setup file, double-click and the classic installation will start.
  • At the end of the process, the software will be installed on the PC, and created the shortcut icon on the Desktop

Other information

How do I activate newly installed software?

You can find the activation serial in my account. Once installed the software, from the menu “?” in the ribbon at the top, there is the tool “Registration”, clicking will open the window of activation of the software where you enter the email address with which you registered on the portal GeoStru and the serial number. Press active. N.B.: Before flagging “I have read and accept the license”

Just purchased the software how many licenses do I have?

You have 2 licenses available, that is, the ability to activate the software on two locations simultaneously (unless you buy additional licenses)

Just purchased how long can I update the software?

Upon purchase, you have the opportunity to enjoy free updates for a year. At the end of the year, it is advisable to renew the plan of updates to take advantage of all software updates, also with the plan updates include basic technical assistance and the ability to disable and activate the software on another location (always within the limit of 2 at the same time or, in the case of purchase of additional licenses, in the number of which you are entitled)

I want to disable the software and activate it on another pc. What can I do?

Always from the “Registration” function present in the software just press “Disable”. Then you can activate the license on another PC on which the software is installed, in case the number of licenses is fully used. Of course, if there are licenses available, you don’t need to deactivate the product on one machine to activate it on another.

I want to uninstall the software on one PC and install it on another. How do I do that?

You can uninstall the program from Windows settings (depending on the version of your operating system) or by accessing the “Control Panel”>”Programs and Features” and selecting the program to uninstall.

N.B.: Before uninstalling the software you must disable it, otherwise the license may get lost.

How much does it cost to renew the upgrade plan?

Renewing the upgrade plan costs only 10% of the price (not discounted) of the software and is valid for one year.

N.B.: if the plan is not updated for one year, the renewal is counted as the non-renewal year (or the non-renewal years)

I’m not updating, can I install the software on one pc or move it from one pc to another?

No. The activation process of the software is part of the Web Services and the Data connected to them are to be considered provided for a limited time, as described in art. 9 of the License agreement for the final user. So only with an active update plan you can activate the software on a PC. If instead the activated software remains installed on the same PC, even at the expiration of the plan updates will continue to work unlimited time.

Please note

  1. The price of the software refers for the permanent version, including the first year of updates and support. After the first year, we expect a price equal to 10% of the list price of the program’s price, which includes updates and support. If the customer does not keep the version updated and therefore does not pay the 10%, a series of services with our servers will be interrupted, including the ability to activate licenses on new PCs. However, the software will remain licensed where it has been installed.
  2. License activation occurs via the internet; the customer can deactivate and transfer the license independently without our intervention.
  3. For several years, we haven’t been using hardware keys, as the license release system grants maximum autonomy to the customer. For example, they can install the software on a colleague’s PC and then deactivate it and reactivate it on another PC.