Our upgrade policy is to release new versions with every integration, carried out at users request, changes in computation rules, optimization of algorithms.

Each software is equipped with a system of automatic upgrade which allows the to upgrade the software with a simple click. However, each user will find in the own user area the installation file of the new versions.

Keeping constantly updated your software means using increasingly advanced and secure tools.
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Earth Small Dams - ESD

2017.0.0.1 (20/05/2017) - Release beta version of ESD 2017: Earth Small Dams

Topography software - TriSpace

2017.24.3.432 (18/05/2017) - Export hydrographic basin for Hydrologic Risk New version 2017, general improvement and general bug fix, compatibility with win 10, upgrade manual and documentation

Geological and Geotechnical formulas - GeoStru Formula

2017.7.3.225 (17/05/2017) - New Correlation Vs with Unit Weight and satured, Cohesion, Angle of Shearing News: English and Spanish version

Slope stability analysis - Slope

2017.25.6.1262 (09/05/2017) - VERSION 2017 RELEASE
General improvements
Adding anisotropic analysis
Adding plugin managment
Bug fix

Bearing capacity and settlments - Loadcap

2017.26.2.834 (29/04/2017) - Subgrade reaction costant calculated according: K=E/L*(1-Poisson^2)
Major version Loadcap 2017 • General improvements; • Implemented analytical solutions for estimating the ultimate bearing capacity of geogrid reinforced soil foundations (RSF) for both sand and silty clay soils; • Method Vesic 1975 Change depth and form factor; • Opening files with drag&drop; • Standards upgrade: NTC 2017, SR EN 1997-1/NB/2007; • Calculating seismic parameters for areals in Central and Eastern Europe; • Plugin management: Embankment (Embankment settlements ), Overturning (Foundation overturning Safety factor), Converting User Units; • Update of System components. x.824: Fix Save as function for the computation report and color selection for the stratigraphy

Retaining walls software - MDC

2017.25.7.929 (29/04/2017) - News version 2017, compatible with win 10, general improvements, added New standards and bug fix

MP - Pile and Micropile

2017.16.2.700 (29/04/2017) - Review Upgrade standards SR-EN 1997-1; Computation of Screw-piles.

Soil liquefaction analysis - Liquiter

2017.18.4.444 (22/04/2017) - Liquiter major version 2017 in this version: General improvements, new correlation between CPT (mechanica) and CPTE (eletrical). New method: C. Hsein Juang 2006

Sheet pile wall design - SPW

2017.31.3.722 (12/04/2017) - News version 2017, compatible with win 10, general improvements, added New standards and bug fix

Static penetration tests - Static Probing

2017.18.2.525 (11/04/2017) - Adjustment in import data from files
Category Soil extension at 30 mt
Upgrade Version 2017.

Interpretation of seismic refraction tests - Easy Refract

2017.20.4.300 (18/03/2017) - Release 2017, general upddate and bug fix

GeoUtility - Collection of support software

2017.12.0.629 (17/03/2017) - New version 2017: general improvements and new modules available

GFAS - Geotechnical and F.E.M. analysis system

2017.11.0.400 (10/03/2017) - New version 2017: General improvements, bug fix in(stage construction analysis

GeoRock 3D - Rock falls 3D

2017.16.0.400 (09/03/2017) - Version 2017: General improvement, compatibility with win 10, bug fix

Analysis of rocky elements - RockPlane

2017.9.2.349 (09/03/2017) - Version 2017: General improvement, bug fix, win 10 compatibility, update help

HYDROLOGIC RISK - Hydraulic-Hydrological risk

2017.20.1.502 (08/03/2017) - New version 2017, general improvement and general bug fix, compatibility with win 10, upgrade manual and documentation

Multi-Channel Analysis of Surface Waves - Easy MASW

2017.26.5.220 (28/02/2017) - New version 2017. General improvements and bug fixes

Geotechnical characteristic parameters - CVSoil

2017.12.5.168 (22/02/2017) - New version 2017

GeoRock 2D - Rock falls 2D

2017.12.1.400 (08/02/2017) - General improvements and bug fixes

Topographic sections in AutoCAD: Auto Cross Section

2017 (24/01/2017) - Topographic sections in AutoCAD: Auto Cross Section

Ground Investigation Testing - GIT

2017.1.1.1 (10/01/2017) - GIT: Release last version of GIT: Ground Investigation Testing

EASY HVSR - Software for HVSR processing

2017.23.4.199 (26/12/2016) - Major release of HVSR 2017


2017.15.3.399 (12/12/2016) - Overall update

Geostru PS Advanced - Pericolosità sismica di base e di sito

2017.12.4.178 (10/12/2016) - New version 2017

Dynamic penetration tests - Dynamic Probing

2017.25.5.699 (11/11/2016) - MAJOR UPGRADE Dynamic Probing:

  • General improvements
  • New correlations for: Unit weight & Saturated unit weight
  • New reference procedures: ISSMFE Technical Committee on Penetration Testing (1988) Dynamic Probing (DP) International Reference Test Procedure
  • Rules: Annex D.1. Standard Penetration Test (SPT) | Eurocode 7 part 3
  • Computation of CN (Liao & Withman), N60, N1,60
  • New correlations for the computation of the unit weight
  • New correlations Angle of shearing resistance Kulhawy & Mayne (1990), Hutanaka & Uchida (1996), Wolff (1989), Mayne et al. (2001), JRA (1996), Brown & Hettirachchi (2008)
  • Comparison between graphics
  • Improvement of the algorithm for the computation of Vs,30
    • Multi-Channel Analysis of Surface Waves - Easy MASW

      2016.26.5.120 (31/10/2016) - Fix bugs in polynomial regression. VERSION 2016

      • Improvements regarding the assignation of custom graphic properties.
      • Implmented Bing Maps for locations.
      • Improvements regarding the management of colors options that are now kept for all projects.
      • Implemented the possibility to reverse the polarity of single traces.
      • Improved customization of color set for the spectra with saving the settings in the file.
      • Implemented the possibility to estimate the layer density from the value of Vp.
      • Implemented the automatic sending of errors to GeoStru.
      • Implemented the possibility to import drm files.
      • Implemented the option to select the useful part of the traces inscribing them in a polyline.
      • Saving of the path of the last used texture.
      • Improvement in managing general data.
      • Export of the seismic stratigraphy in .edp file.
      • Implemented the possibility to contact the GeoStru staff directly from the software.
      • Implemented the import of SEG2 files that use 20bit numerical format.
      • Distribution issue solved.
      • Viewing and printing of the stratigraphy.
      • Introduction of the LITE version with the following limitations: - Maximum number of modes that can be used for processing: 1; - Synthetic Model: Disabled; - Print reports: Limited.
      • Software available in Spanish.
      • Available the English version.
      • New functions for the report editor.

      Dynamic penetration tests - Dynamic Probing

      2016.25.5.626 (21/09/2016) - Export of graphics in Exce forl allowable pressure and reduced allowable pressure
      VERSION 2016

      • Method Terzaghi-Peck (1948), computation of Cu: min and max values in computation report.
      • Introduced new column in the data input table for the values of NSPT on equipment step.
      • Given the option to alter the size of the characters used for the number of blows: Graphic report options -> Text management.
      • Introduction of drilling system efficiency.
      • Correlation coefficient variable with the depth.
      • Computation of CN.
      • Computation of N160.
      • Verification of the correlations Nspt N160.
      • Review of Spanish version of the program.
      • General data window, introduction of: order code, number of certificates to attach, zone, latitude and longitude.
      • Adaptation according to Circolare 08 September 2010, n. 7619/STC. Italian Ministry of the infrastructures and transportations. Criteria for the release of the authorization to the Laboratories for the execution and certification of geognostic inquiries, sampling and tests on site of which art. 59 of the DPR n. 380/2001.
      • Determination of the zone in Google Maps. The image can be saved and be used like background "raster image" for the determination of the tests.
      • Current test window, added certification data: certificate number, acceptance report, order number and related data. The same data was added in graphic model and print report.
      • Graphic options window, added: ministerial authorization, signatures. The same data was added in graphic model and print report.
      • Attention in Graphic options window > View panel, we added a selection command that allows you to color the diagrams in a transparent and uniform manner.
      • Graphic objects: New graphic objects and colors.
      • Tables in print report - added in the initial header the terms expected for law, planimetry with indication of the location of the tests, index and summary.
      • In phase of elaboration and of report generation were created some commands to improve the navigation inside of the documents.
      • Improved management of 3D stratigraphy. We remember you that the automatic reconstruction of 3D stratigraphy takes place on the base of the names assigned to the layers. As an example, test 1 is composed from three layers named: A, B, C; test 2 must have the same number of layers with the same names: A, B, C. The same reasoning must be followed for successive tests. For an optimal view of the 3D it is moreover advised to assign to the same colors or textures to the layers pertaining to various tests but with the same name.
      • Bore hole tests, cohesive-cohesionless soils processing.
      • Soil category: computation of Vs, correlation of Otha and Goto from 78 for the differentiation of the deposit's age.
      • Soil category: type s2 for soils susceptible ti liquefaction.
      • Soil category: theoretical notes included in print report.
      • Computation of subfoundation coefficient in shallow foundation module.
      • Modified layar generation in data input.
      • New options in graphic preferences. Water table view even in absence of stratigraphy.
      • Printing more copies when using Windows 7.

      Slope stability analysis - Slope

      2016.25.6.1258 (20/09/2016) -

      • Algorithm optimization for the computation of the plastic moment of reinforced concrete sections
      • Computation of horizontal bearing capacity according to Broms in the presence of water table
      • Drag-and-drop function for file opening
      • New reinforcing element: Wire mesh
      • Fix input stratigraphy
      • Optimization for automatic generation of block walls in mechanically stabilized earth module. Implemented the possibility to alter texts in mechanically stabilized earth module.
      • Implemented the automatic computation of seismic coefficients for the mostly used standards; Automatic computation of neutral pressions increment in dynamic field, automatic solution for the integration of Arias intensity accelerogram and Trifunac accelerogram.
      • Implementation of the DEM method for nonlinear computation. It is possible to make a non-linear analysis assigning the constitutive features of the material . The procedure for plastic strains distribution performed by the Newton-Raphson method of tangents.
      • New, reviewed version.
      • Optimization for computation models Morgenstern&Price and Spencer.
      • Fixed problem regarding the print of neutral pressures for Morgenstern & Price and Spencer methods.
      • Implemented the possibility to include/exclude theoretical notes in the computation report. Details of the works of intervention in the report. Optimizations for the 3D import and DXF import. DEM algorithm integration. Integrations to the computation report of mechanically stabilized earth works.
      • Fixed printing of pore pressures by Sarma method.
      • Changes to the print report: optimizing the style of text and tables, printing the two values of the soil stiffness (DEM Method).
      • Introduced a new work intervention "Reinforcement element ", offers greater sliding resistance along a probable failure surface. MRE module completely revised, introduced function for the automatic generation of the profile of the slope, possibility to choose from: terraced profile and constant slope profile. Profile with conventional blocks and reinforced blocks also available.
      • New method of calculation, Zeng Liang. Among the best methods in recent years. Excellent results for the consolidation with Piles.
      • Method DEM (Discrete Element Method): Implemented new methods for nonlinear analysis with new options for analysis, adding the variability of geotechnical parameters according to the displacements, extrapolation of all calculation results. Importing sections including support works Piles and Reinforced Earth fromTrispace.
      • Added reference axes "Click on the ruler to add the axes of reference."
      • Added shortcuts: click on the drawing and type: A for archives, G for geotechnical , Z to zoom, P to move, D for distance measurement.
      • Generation of artifficial non-stationary seisms, methode: Sabetta F., Pugliese A.: Estimation of Response Spectra and Simulation of Nonstationary Earthquake Ground Motions, Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, Vol. 86, No. 2, pp. 337-352, April 1996

      Interpretation of seismic refraction tests - Easy Refract

      2016.20.4.204 (14/09/2016) - General fixes Fixed bug in the method of Palmer
      VERSION 2016

      • Added the possibility to reverse the order of traces for every single shot of the project.
      • Added the ability to truncate the acquisition of the traces during the import phase. This option is convenient for long acquisitions that otherwise would make the management of the shots costly from the point of view of the memory used.
      • Graphic improvements for tests with one or two shots.
      • Implmented Bing Maps for locations.
      • Implemented the reading of BISON-2 files with .dat extension.
      • Implemented the possibility to reorder traces after they have been imported into the software. N.B. Before using the reorder tool you must import all the shots.
      • Customization of the color that highlights the semiwave of the traces.
      • Polarity inversion for more traces in the same time.
      • Improvement of the graphic area of travel time curves definition.
      • Implemented the possibility of reversing the polarity of single waves.
      • Graphical improvements.
      • Improved the print preview of graphics.
      • Implementation of the Critical Distance computation technique.
      • Implementation of Undo/Redo functions.
      • Improvements in the import of SEG2.
      • Impelmented the export in *.csv and *.asc formats.
      • Improvement regarding the search management of the work area.
      • Added the ability to perform elaborations for Vs waves. The seismogram allows the import of the two shots (S1 and S2) in order to correctly identify the S-wave arrival.

      Retaining walls software - MDC

      2016.25.7.914 (11/09/2016) - Changes in Hansen algorithm Export file for GFAS
      Improved calculation structural algorithm

      • Optimization of calculation algorithm of the reinforcement for walls with stepped sections. For walls founded on piles, introduced a symbol for the check condition to limit vertical load.
      • Integrations on forces diagrams.
      • Modified the pressures diagmas. Integration on bearing capacity. Integration on computation report. Imtegration on global stability module's report.
      • Implemented Hansen's method for the computation of bearing resistance.
      • Implemented a new command for the advanced management of the vertices' coordinates of the wall section. Using this command will be possible to model many other types of walls. From the new command "Forces" can be seen the overturning and stabilizing actions on the wall.
      • Revision of the diagrams of the increase in thrust due to earthquake.
      • Wall section that protrudes from the ground, as for the fences. Enter negative height for embankment.
      • Application of loads at different heights from the ground level.
      • Importing files from static and dynamic penetration tests. The files can be imported with direct commands or with simple drag and drop operations on the workspace.
      • The files generated by our programs are in an open format so they can be edited with a text editor.
      • The import of penetration tests is a very useful tool because are imported dozens of geotechnical parameters which are automatically converted regarding units of measurement.
      • By assigning a negative height to the embankment is possible to lower the level of the ground surface behind the wall.
      • Complete review of the software in national and international versions.
      • Improvements on materials printing.
      • New version available.
      • Computation report integrated.
      • Improvements on the editor of computation report.

      Soil liquefaction analysis - Liquiter

      2016.18.4.440 (28/08/2016) - Method based on the results of SPT tests (Boulanger & Idriss, 2014) Method based on the results of CPTe/CPTu tests Boulanger & Idriss, 2014) Method based on the velocity profile of shear waves Vs (Andrus & Stokoe, 2000) FIX SAVE DATA

      • Implemented the method of Sonmez (2003) for the computation of Liquefaction Potential Index.

      HYDROLOGIC RISK - Hydraulic-Hydrological risk

      2016.20.1.402 (25/07/2016) - Minor upgrade 398

      Geotechnical characteristic parameters - CVSoil

      2016.12.5.68 (22/07/2016) - Adding correlation between surveys
      VERSION 2016

      • Implemented Bing Maps for locations.
      • Introduced some improvements in the report management and in the rtf / doc / docx format saving.
      • Opportunity to enter a summary investigation, containing the elaborations of the parameters present in more investigations of the same area.
      • Implementation of an automatic control system and downloads of updates.
      • Improvement in the management of the graphs.
      • Added the possibility of removing layers from investigated verticals.
      • Reduced export of the results.

      GFAS - Geotechnical and F.E.M. analysis system

      2016.11.0.300 (30/06/2016) - Import file from MDC and general improvements
      VERSION 2016

      • New graphic input for the design of the Mesh
      • Modal dynamic analysis, with response spectrum. All modal forms are animated.
      • Nonlinear analysis using Newton-Raphson method.

      Stratigraphic columns - Stratigrapher

      2016.21.0.260 (29/06/2016) - VERSION 2016

      GeoMechanical Survey - G.M.S.

      2016.7.1.165 (22/06/2016) - VERSION 2016

      • Optimization of calculation algorithm of the reinforcement for walls with stepped sections. For walls founded on piles, introduced a symbol for the check condition to limit vertical load.


      2016.15.3.335 (10/06/2016) - VERSION 2016

      • Added the possibility to perform the shifting of the traces also by decoupling the P waves, the S1 waves and the S2 waves.
      • Implemented the computation of mean parameters using interval method when the soil unit weight is not automatically determined by the software.
      • Import of *.seg2 files generated following the standard of numerical data on16 bits.
      • Implemented the possibility to copy the seismic stratigraphy defined with the Direct Method into the Interval Method.
      • Import of *.drm files.
      • Implemented the graphic of velocity profile for P and S waves in the “direct” and “interval” methods regarding the imposed seismic stratigraphy.
      • Introduced the possibility of eliminating the offset from the seismic traces (continuous component).
      • Improved handling of graphics with the ability to intervene on the height of the texts for the title of graphics, numerical values ??and descriptions of the axes.
      • Improved management of the grid for graphics.
      • Introduced the ability to display the picking values processed on the seismograms.
      • Added the ability to process only the S waves.
      • Implemented the ability to analyze files from acquisitions with double geophone.
      • Added the ability to normalize the traces in the analysis phase.
      • Added the ability to filter the tracs.
      • A modification has been performed on the calculation of Vs30. If the test does not reache 30 meters, the last layer is extended to 30 meters.
      • Complete review of the software in national and international versions.
      • Import of traces generated using the Ambrogeo tools (*. dta files).
      • Released English and Spanish versions.
      • Edit extraction and design of the tracks from SEG2 files.

      Fondazioni CA

      2016.15.0.756 (09/06/2016) -

      Geostru PS Advanced - Pericolosità sismica di base e di sito

      2016.12.4.78 (09/06/2016) - Revisione generale VERSIONE 2016

      Sheet pile wall design - SPW

      2016.31.3.620 (08/06/2016) - General improvements
      VERSION 2016

      • Modified computation algorithm for continuous beam.
      • Implemented the possibility to manage diagrams texts.
      • FEM method - anchors arranged on multiple rows: improved the drawing function of anchors structural carpentry.
      • Improvements in user interface and computatin report.
      • Import of topographic section from DXF files, TriSpace files and text files.
      • Vertical limit load as a funztion of a correlation factor for the investigated verticals.
      • Vertical limit load for rectangular sections.
      • Dynamic information for the bulkhead. You just have to move with the mouse on the head of the bulkhead to get information about: geometry, section composition, section type.
      • Improvement connection beam module.
      • New way to draw the connection beam.

      GeoRock 3D - Rock falls 3D

      2016.16.0.300 (08/06/2016) - VERSION 2016

      • Added the possibility to identify the correspondence between the graphics of trajectory, energy and height of the boulder.
      • Implemented the possibility to insert 2D and 3D markers on a contour plan.This feature is useful to represent the fiducial points at known coordinates.
      • Optimized *.asc file import. The user is given the opportunity to select a limited number of points for which to perform the triangulation.

      Test Product (04/06/2016) - a

      Test Product (02/06/2016) - 1

      Test Product (01/06/2016) - 1

      Gabion walls, gabion and concrete weirs - GDW

      2016.21.1.335 (27/04/2016) - VERSION 2016

      Global Stability Analysis - GSA

      2016.25.6.1239 (20/04/2016) - Global Stability Analysis

      eGeoCompass - Android geological compass

      10 (12/04/2016) - egeo compass

      Calculation of reinforced concrete sections according Ec - RC-SEC-EN

      2016.2.0.553 (11/04/2016) - Correzione aliquota minima dell'armatura tesa per sezioni di travi in zona sismica Version 2016

      • Implemented National Annex of Bulgaria and Italy
      • Corrected ratio Es/Em in eq. (7.9) EC2 from 15 to the actual value

      Analysis of rocky elements - RockPlane

      2016.9.2.249 (11/04/2016) - VERSION 2016

      Pumping tests - WTA

      2016.10.0.302 (11/04/2016) - Copy paste and automatic recalculate General improvements

      MP - Pile and Micropile

      2016.16.2.531 (09/04/2016) - Fix installation database component materials
      VERSION 2016

      • mplemented the computation of the safety factor for horizontal actions. Improved the save option for load combinations.
      • Representation in tabular form of the output values ??of the shear stress and normal stress, of the coefficient of lateral thrust, friction along the shaft and of the adhesion factor.
      • Improved computational model of the modulus of subgrade reaction Ks (Chiarurgi - Maia).
      • Import from Static Probing.

      GeoRock 2D - Rock falls 2D

      2016.12.1.400 (09/04/2016) - VERSION 2016

      • Improvements for the management of launches > 1000.
      • Implemented graphics with print preview function, the command to display all trajectories and the command to delete the elements of the materials database. Created new options: velocity graphic for each trajectory, all trajectories, envelope. Activated Undo and Redo commands on multiple levels.
      • Import from Excel file modified.
      • Various corrections.

      Static penetration tests - Static Probing

      2016.18.2.522 (09/04/2016) - Added CTRL + E, Erase raster images
      Control data planimetric coordinates
      VERSION 2016

      • New command to assign the geotechnical behaviour to layers's group. It is available by right button of mouse in Geotechnic Cal. of the Data Entry window.
      • Maintenance for the international version.
      • Correction for the formatting of the shear waves velocity.
      • In the Graphic options window, View panel, has been added a new tool for the uniform and transparent drawing of graphics.
      • New graphical objects and colors.
      • In the tabular reports have been added information regarding the location of the tests, index and summary.
      • New commands for navigating inside the files in the processing and report fase.
      • Seismic piezocone (SCPTU).

      Topography software - TriSpace

      2016.24.3.330 (09/04/2016) - fix bug in inport txt file "format srtm" VERSION 2016

      • Added a command to perform the scaling of the labels font (contour lines).
      • Advanced Management DXF file import.

      GeoUtility - Collection of support software

      2016.12.0.527 (09/04/2016) - VERSION 2016


      2016.25.6.1230 (23/01/2016) - T-RES: Software developed for the TEMA corporation

      Bearing capacity and settlments - Loadcap

      2016.25.2.812 (04/01/2016) - -Calculate post seismic settlements with: Idriss and Boulanger, Pradel, Yasuhara and Andersen

      EASY HVSR - Software for HVSR processing

      2016.23.4.163 (15/12/2015) - Optimization search algorithm resonance frequency
      VERSION 2016

      • Implmented Bing Maps for locations.
      • Added support to make the application independent from the international options and language defined within the Control Panel of Windows. The software will use, however, the point as a decimal point and comma for digit grouping.
      • Improvement of drawings export in the final report.
      • Introduced an improvement in the calculation of smoothing with the techniques Triangular constant, Triangular proportional and Moving average.
      • Improved the processing with customed duration windows.
      • Implemented the import of drm format files.
      • Implemented the export of the stratigraphy in .edp files.
      • Implemented the possibility to contact GeoStru Staff directly from the software.
      • Implemented the export of the H/V spectrum in csv format to be used for comparisons with various acquisitions.
      • Improvement in the management of the graphics of the H/V spectra.
      • Improvement in the management of the inversion models.
      • Improvement in the export of H/V graphics for the print reports.
      • Improved the import of SEG2 files.
      • Implementation of an autonomous system of notification and download of upgrades.
      • Added new functions for editing the computation report.
      • Ability to change the display scale for the graphics of given traces.
      • Optimization of SEG2 file import.
      • Optimization of trace import from saf files.
      • Display of the coordinates of the H/Vspectral ratio points in the corresponding graphic.

      Geological and Geotechnical formulas - GeoStru Formula

      2016.7.3.28 (15/09/2015) - 2016.7.3.28 version

      HYDROLOGIC RISK - Hydraulic-Hydrological risk

      2016.20.1.392 (30/07/2015) - VERSION 2016

      • Introduced two new features in the calculation: Order sections and Recalculate sections elevations. By convention the river sections had to be assigned in the opposite direction to the direction of the current, The option introduced Order sections" allows to order the sections even though they were assigned from upstream to downstream. Every time that river elevations change it must be used the command "Recalculate sections elevations" the program will update the elevations to the new changes.
      • Section direction individuation. The direction must always be the same in order to correctly draw the flooding map.
      • New command to modify sections: allows plan section displacements. Direction can be changed by right clicking the section. Attention: the sections must always have the same direction.
      • Riverbed sections from DXF.
      • New command in View menu – ONLY hydrologic network.

      Texture - soil textures

      2016.0.0.0 (22/07/2015) - VERSION 2016

      Slope Extension

      2016.25.6.1226 (17/07/2015) - Slope Extension

      SPW Extension

      2016.31.3.615 (16/07/2015) - SPW Extension

      LoadCap Extension

      2016.24.2.784 (15/07/2015) - Loadcap Extension

      RockLab - Failure criterion of a rock mass according to Hoek-Brown

      2016.8.4.33 (15/07/2015) - VERSION 2016

      Perché Acquistarlo

      5 (01/05/2015) - fff


      1 (01/05/2015) - dfgdfg

      Test Licensed Product

      1.1 (30/04/2015) - English changelog.

      Test Licensed Product

      1.2 (17/04/2015) - test

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