Our upgrade policy is to release new versions with every integration, carried out at users request, changes in computation rules, optimization of algorithms.

Each software is equipped with a system of automatic upgrade which allows the to upgrade the software with a simple click. However, each user will find in the own user area the installation file of the new versions.

Keeping constantly updated your software means using increasingly advanced and secure tools.
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Slope stability analysis - Slope

2017.25.6.1258 (17/02/2017) - VERSION 2017 RELEASE
General improvements
Adding anisotropic analysis
Adding plugin managment
Bug fix

GeoRock 2D - Rock falls 2D

2017.12.1.400 (08/02/2017) - General improvements and bug fixes

Bearing capacity and settlments - Loadcap

2017.26.2.824 (01/02/2017) - Major version Loadcap 2017 • General improvements; • Implemented analytical solutions for estimating the ultimate bearing capacity of geogrid reinforced soil foundations (RSF) for both sand and silty clay soils; • Method Vesic 1975 Change depth and form factor; • Opening files with drag&drop; • Standards upgrade: NTC 2017, SR EN 1997-1/NB/2007; • Calculating seismic parameters for areals in Central and Eastern Europe; • Plugin management: Embankment (Embankment settlements ), Overturning (Foundation overturning Safety factor), Converting User Units; • Update of System components. x.824: Fix Save as function for the computation report and color selection for the stratigraphy

Static penetration tests - Static Probing

2017.18.2.522 (25/01/2017) - Upgrade Version 2017. General Improvements

Topographic sections in AutoCAD: Auto Cross Section

2017 (24/01/2017) - Topographic sections in AutoCAD: Auto Cross Section

Soil liquefaction analysis - Liquiter

2017.18.4.440 (21/01/2017) - Liquiter major version 2017 in this version: General improvements, new correlation between CPT (mechanica) and CPTE (eletrical). New method: C. Hsein Juang 2006

Ground Investigation Testing - GIT

2017.1.1.1 (10/01/2017) - GIT: Release last version of GIT: Ground Investigation Testing

EASY HVSR - Software for HVSR processing

2017.23.4.199 (26/12/2016) - Major release of HVSR 2017


2017.15.3.399 (12/12/2016) - Overall update

Geostru PS Advanced - Pericolosità sismica di base e di sito

2017.12.4.178 (10/12/2016) - New version 2017

Geological and Geotechnical formulas - GeoStru Formula

2017.7.3.125 (07/12/2016) - News: English and Spanish version

MP - Pile and Micropile

2017.16.2.656 (01/12/2016) - Upgrade standards SR-EN 1997-1; Computation of Screw-piles.

Dynamic penetration tests - Dynamic Probing

2017.25.5.699 (11/11/2016) - MAJOR UPGRADE Dynamic Probing:

  • General improvements
  • New correlations for: Unit weight & Saturated unit weight
  • New reference procedures: ISSMFE Technical Committee on Penetration Testing (1988) Dynamic Probing (DP) International Reference Test Procedure
  • Rules: Annex D.1. Standard Penetration Test (SPT) | Eurocode 7 part 3
  • Computation of CN (Liao & Withman), N60, N1,60
  • New correlations for the computation of the unit weight
  • New correlations Angle of shearing resistance Kulhawy & Mayne (1990), Hutanaka & Uchida (1996), Wolff (1989), Mayne et al. (2001), JRA (1996), Brown & Hettirachchi (2008)
  • Comparison between graphics
  • Improvement of the algorithm for the computation of Vs,30
    • Multi-Channel Analysis of Surface Waves - Easy MASW

      2016.26.5.120 (31/10/2016) - Fix bugs in polynomial regression. VERSION 2016

      • Improvements regarding the assignation of custom graphic properties.
      • Implmented Bing Maps for locations.
      • Improvements regarding the management of colors options that are now kept for all projects.
      • Implemented the possibility to reverse the polarity of single traces.
      • Improved customization of color set for the spectra with saving the settings in the file.
      • Implemented the possibility to estimate the layer density from the value of Vp.
      • Implemented the automatic sending of errors to GeoStru.
      • Implemented the possibility to import drm files.
      • Implemented the option to select the useful part of the traces inscribing them in a polyline.
      • Saving of the path of the last used texture.
      • Improvement in managing general data.
      • Export of the seismic stratigraphy in .edp file.
      • Implemented the possibility to contact the GeoStru staff directly from the software.
      • Implemented the import of SEG2 files that use 20bit numerical format.
      • Distribution issue solved.
      • Viewing and printing of the stratigraphy.
      • Introduction of the LITE version with the following limitations: - Maximum number of modes that can be used for processing: 1; - Synthetic Model: Disabled; - Print reports: Limited.
      • Software available in Spanish.
      • Available the English version.
      • New functions for the report editor.