Shallow foundations – design according to EC7

Shallow foundations – design according to EC7

Abstract  – Shallow foundations

This article refers to the design of shallow foundations and highlights the normative requirements following the introduction of EC7-1. The calculation model used is in Appendix D of prEN 1997-1 2003 recognized as: the determination of the load limit of a foundation resting on cohesive soil as a short-term analysis. We chose a simple analysis case for the application of the factorization method of the geotechnical parameters introduced with the publication of EC7-1. The results show that the chosen design approach is fundamental in the dimensioning of the geotechnical works and can lead to significant increases in costs. The choice of the approach depends on the choices that each Member State makes regarding the national safety level. The publication of EC7-1 introduced at European level a new concept, that of limit states.
Computation results used in this article were obtained using LoadCap software.
The article was published in Romanian Journal of Geotechnics and Foundations nr. 1/2013 Read full article



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