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Keep your software updated. GEOSTRU is amond the most competitive companies in the world in providing these services. For a list of the latest upgrades and to subscribe to an RSS visit the dedicated page.

Over the years we have provided a particular technical support to our customers, demonstrating our ability to provide solutions to the most complex problems. We also provide video tutorials, FAQ and online support.

Thanks to the experience of our team we are able to provide bespoke software solutions and consultancy in all areas related to our activity fields.

GEOSTRU is one of the most well-known companies in the world to supply highly advanced software products and services in the following fields: civil engineering, geotechnical engineering and geology, geomechanics, geophysics, in situ soil testing, hydrology and hydraulics, topography.

The programs are fully integrated with each another and are characterized by a very competitive cost and a guaranteed quality by more than 30,000 installations in over 135 countries worldwide.

The software GEOSTRU is very easy to use, each software solves a specific problem, reducing the input data to the strictly necessary. Furthermore, being integrated with each other, you have the possibility to export data from/and for each software in the suite.

All products are fully compatible with the Eurocodes, in particular EC7 for geotechnical design, EC8 for the seismic design, EC2/3 for structural design and checks and also allow user custom parameters.


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